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USD25.0 per hour
Ph.D. student in theoretical physics | Freelance data analyst/python programmer

I'm a M.Sc. in theoretical physics (University of Brasília, Brazil) and I'm currently a Ph. D. student in theoretical physics (Uni...

Licenciate in Theoretical Astrophysics
USD60.0 per hour
Expert in Theoretical Physics; Astrophysics; Machine Learning; Statistics; Finance; Teaching; Leadership/Organization

I have strong professional-level expertise in the following areas: 1) Theoretical Astrophysics, 2) Data Science, 3) Theoretical Physics, 4) Tea...

PhD Artificial Intelligence
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour
CEO - Chi-Squared Innovations ★ Telling Stories With Data ★ www.chi2innovations.com

I have a very broad range of expertise within science, having in-depth knowledge of physics, medical physics, bioinformatics, medicine, artific...

Advanced Google Analytics Certificate
United States
USD120.0 per hour
PhD Mathematician, Analyst & Editor

I do have experience with analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Twitter Analytics. Also, I do have experience in mathematical proof tec...

PhD in mathematics
USD70.0 per hour
Research engineer in statistics & machine learning

I made my PhD in mathematics in Sorbonne University, Paris, France. I developed new statistical methods based on machine learning models, in or...

USD20.0 per hour

I am PhD in Mathematics, and I have 11 years of teaching experience. I am teaching mathematics to undergraduate students of engineering and pos...

United States
USD80.0 per hour

Having written two, 50 page dissertations I have experience in technical writing and editing. I was in charge of assessment for the math progra...

Ph.D. (Physics)
United States
USD35.0 per hour

I have been translating highly technical articles including patent specifications, research papers, annual research progress reports, and white...

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) -Mathematics and Computer Science
United States
USD250.0 per hour
Experienced mathematician & data scientist, specializing in ML, stochastic processes, combinatorial algorithms, and ...

Professor of Mathematics at the University of South Carolina; Chief Scientist of AtomBeam, LLC; former Chief Data Scientist of BehaviorMatrix, ...

USD20.0 per hour
Academic science writer. Extensive experience of writing technical and non-technical academic papers.

In my portfolio, I have handled Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Education, Environmental Science, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, among others. Ori...

PhD in Mathematics
USD80.0 per hour
Mathematician with consultancy experience. Publications in world-class journals and a United States patent.

I am a mathematician with research experience in pure as well as applied mathematics. My consultancy experiences include projects in the financ...

Masster of science
USD10.0 per hour
Chemistry researcher with PhD

I hold a bachelor of science (chemistry and mathematics) and a master of science degree in natural producta/organic chemistry/analytical chemi...

Masters in Computer Science
USD40.0 per hour
Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist

A versatile, mathematically inclined Engineer and Machine Learning/Data Science expert, with 5+ years of experience in Industry and Research. D...

United States
USD30.0 per hour
Mathematician | Expert in mathematical analysis

I am an assistant professor of mathematics. I hold my PhD degree in mathematics. My expertise is in the field of Mathematical Analysis, in part...

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
USD80.0 per hour
Full-time Statistician & Data Analyst | Expert in Feedback Analysis with 5 years experience

A Bachelor of Science in Mathematics graduate and holding a position of Statistician for 10 years already. Been doing feedback analysis for the...

B.S. Mathematics
United States
USD50.0 per hour
Data Science Consultant at Apex Systems

I have 10 years of experience as a data analyst and have been studying mathematics most of my life. I have experience with statistical analysi...

PGPBM - Business Analytics
USD15.0 per hour
Data Science | AI | ML | Statistics | Market Research

Susheel is working with Tracxn where he analyses startups, private companies, public enterprises across sectors like Retail, E-commerce, Logist...

USD10.0 per hour
PhD Students

Hi! I am Vivek, Me and my friends are pursing PhD in different fields i.e. Chemistry, Physics & Math. In our group we have small groups...

PhD in Neuroscience
USD0.0 per hour

I have a BA in Mathematics and a PhD in Neuroscience. My main research topic is the study of brain plasticity mechanisms enhanced by natural le...

Applied Physics - Master of Science
United States
USD50.0 per hour

I specialize in Computational Biophysics primarily on thermodynamic and statistical modeling of proteins. Long range interactions and inter-res...

MS in Mathematics
United States
USD30.0 per hour
Math Expert Freelancer at Pearson Education. Cyber Engineering, PhD and Mathematics, MS

My career experience and skills have grown out of my childhood interests. I used to spend countless hours solving puzzles and creating inventio...

PhD Physics
United States
USD0.0 per hour

I am a versatile, innovative scientific researcher and engineer with many years of hands on tested laboratory experience along with theoretical...

USD15.0 per hour

I am a Mechanical Engineer and a Mathematician. I am currently working on my PhD. You will get detailed and professionally done projects from m...

Master of Science
USD30.0 per hour
Medical student turned particle physicist | Theoretical physics, biomedical science, data analysis

I have a PhD in theoretical particle physics and an MSc in the same subject. My research focuses on heavily mathematical and computational phys...

Ph.D. Degree
United Kingdom
USD50.0 per hour
Power Electronics Engineer with Academic Expertise

Currently working as Power Electronics Engineer at Dyson, UK, in the Motor Drives and Advanced Control Team. Ph.D. Degree from the University ...

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  • Stabilize the shelf life of a sauce
  • Design a statistical study
  • Prepare a paper for journal publication
How to hire a freelance mathematician

A mathematician is someone who develops mathematical principles and applies them to solve real-world problems. A mathematician may design solutions to problems in research and business, and can also help with analyzing and interpreting data. In today’s world, mathematicians work across several disciplines, ranging from computer science and IT to economics and finance.  


You may need to hire a mathematician for help with analyzing data, developing a model, writing a formula or performing a complex calculation. But given that it’s such a vast field, how do you choose the right person for the job? Here are some tips on hiring top mathematicians on Kolabtree.

Why hire a mathematician

Mathematicians traditionally work within science, engineering, business and management roles in organizations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for mathematicians was $101,900.  


If you’re a researcher, you may need an expert mathematician to verify your data or build a robust study. An engineering firm might need to consult a mathematician for devising an equation, and a startup may need a mathematics expert to write an algorithm. In all of these situations, hiring a full-time mathematician is expensive and may not be required. However, you may still need to speak with a specialist, in which case, hiring a freelance mathematician can help you get quick answers at short notice.

How much does it cost to hire a mathematician?

Mathematicians offer a diverse range of services. The cost of hiring a mathematician in the USA could be upwards of USD 88,000 per year. A freelance mathematics expert may charge anywhere between USD 500 to USD 5,000, depending on the scope of work. 


There are an increasing number of mathematicians for hire on demand, as more and more scientists join the freelance revolution. Small businesses and researchers benefit greatly by accessing the skills of mathematicians easily, and mathematics experts benefit from being able to work on high-impact projects that require their expertise.

How to write an effective job post to hire a mathematician

While hiring a mathematician, it is essential to detail your requirements as clearly as possible. Here are the top items to include in your job post to ensure that you attract high-quality experts.


  • Scope of work: Define the scope of work, the end goal you are trying to achieve, the challenges you are currently facing and the deliverable(s) you expect. 
  • Duration:  Giving a rough estimate of how long you expect the project to run for will help freelancers provide a realistic quote. Mathematics consultants and freelancers often work on a per-hour basis, which works well if you are not entirely sure of the scope of your project. 
  • By when you need to hire: Define how quickly you need to hire a mathematician or till when you’re willing to accept applications. If your project is very niche, you may need 2-3 weeks to pick a suitable freelancer. However, if your project is fairly straightforward, you may be able to hire someone in a couple of days on Kolabtree. 
  • Budget: Provide an estimate of your budget. You can choose to pay either a fixed fee or pay by the hour. You can increase the scope of the project at any time, and also revise your budget according to the mutual agreement between you and the freelancer. 
  • Skills required: While looking for mathematician, you may want to specify the specialization you’re looking for the candidate to have. On Kolabtree you can choose hire mathematicians who are experts in several fields: 

    Applied mathematicians   Finance mathematicians   Freelance statisticians   Mathematical analysts   Probability & statistics experts   Mathematics education experts   Data analysts   Data scientists    Machine learning consultants   Mathematical optimization experts   Differential equations experts   Calculus experts   Algebra experts   

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