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USD35.0 per hour
Research Scientist and BELS-certified Editor with 10+ years of experience in the Life Sciences

I am a scientist with thirteen years of post-PhD laboratory research experience. I am also a BELS-certified editor, and serve on the editorial ...

PhD in Biomedical Research
United States
USD25.0 per hour
Molecular Biology Scientist specialized in Oncology

My primary scientific interest lies in the study of the molecular mechanisms governing Glioblastoma (GBM) biology, the most common malignant pr...

BSc in Biological Sciences
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour
Graduate Biologist studying postgraduate Cellular Neuroscience with a focus on cell biology, optogenetics and imaging

I have experience in cell biology, molecular biology, and fluorescence microscopy. My previous research projects have included; - performing FR...

United States
USD0.0 per hour

Research Scientist with expertise in Single molecule microscopy, Biophysical methods, Membrane biology and Biochemistry. My key strengths are,...

USD40.0 per hour

I am an ardent biochemist and molecular biologist with 7 years of experience in academic research. I have worked on plant-microbe interactions,...

PhD (Biology)
USD30.0 per hour

A PhD in Biological Sciences (Specialization: Biochemistry/Biophysics) and Bachelors in Biotechnology with a strong background in protein bioch...

USD0.0 per hour

To develop new approach for small molecule inhibitor(Drug Discovery Program) to target important proteins and enzymes that are involved in viru...

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology Grade Magna cum laude
USD0.0 per hour

A scientist with exceptional track record of research program development and management, strong scientific problem solving skills, result orie...

PhD, Molecular Embryology
USD0.0 per hour

I am a motivated and collaborative life scientist with a passion for communicating science. I have a PhD in molecular embryology, 6 years pos...

PhD Organic Chemistry
USD0.0 per hour

Innovative, problem solver with over 9 years postgraduate experience working in contract research and pharmaceutical companies as a medicinal c...

United States
USD15.0 per hour
Protein Scientist

I'm a seasoned structural biologist who can help you with everything from sequence alignments and phylogenetics to homology modeling and mo...

Post-Doctorate (Urology & Uro-Oncology)
United States
USD80.0 per hour
Freelance Clinical Cancer Research; Expert in Uro-Oncology; Inflammation, prostatic Hyperplasia, and Prostate Cancer

Inflammation and Prostate Carcinogenesis Synopsis Research Report Principal Investigator: Johny E. Elkahwaji Department of Internal Medicine-...

M. Tech Biotechnology
USD30.0 per hour

I am an M. Tech Biotechnology graduate with five years of research experience in experimental biology with interest in science communication, c...

PhD Life Sciences
United States
USD0.0 per hour

I obtained my Ph.D. degree from MRC laboratory, Dundee, UK with Prof. Dario Alessi. My thesis work was focused on LKB1 tumor suppressor activat...

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