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PhD, Molecular Pathology and Genetics
United States
USD50.0 per hour
Enthusiastic scientist | Fungal biologist | Freelance scientific editor | Global experience | Reach out to learn more

I presently hold a postdoctoral position at Academia Sinica, where I am studying the cell biology of trap morphogenesis in carnivorous fungi th...

MSc, PhD
USD200.0 per hour
Microbiologist, Molecular biologist / Expert in microbial biofilms/ Biology content writer with 10+ years of experience

A. selected previous and ongoing research projects: 1) Mutational analysis of a yeast mitochondrial mRNA binding protein. 2) Ribosomal protein...

South Africa
USD25.0 per hour

As a biochemist and medical scientist I have worked with various primary and secondary cell lines, malaria parasites, fungi cultures and severa...

PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering
USD75.0 per hour

Entrepreneur and tech-enthusiast with a passion for science policy and disruptive tech. I'm a Bioscience Engineer with expertise in microfl...

USD10.0 per hour

Natural products, I have done my project as improvement of beta carotene by recombinant DNA technology, My current project is improvement of se...

USD100.0 per hour

I work as academic researcher at Aix Marseille Université (France, CNRS lab) from 2004. I possess expertises in toxicology, pharmacology, ...

United States
USD40.0 per hour

I am a PhD candidate in Microbiology, and I use filamentous fungi as model systems to understand the fundamental mechanisms of epigenetics and ...

PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics
USD0.0 per hour

Summary: I have used cell and systems biology approaches to understanding the development of hyphal networks. I am interested in how filamentou...

USD20.0 per hour

Drug Delivery, Phytochemistry, Malaria, Nanotechnology, Microbiology, Staining techniques, Isolation of microorganism, Sterilization technique...

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