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Msc Computer Science
United Kingdom
USD40.0 per hour
Statistician & Data Analyst | Expert in STATA, SAS, & SPSS | Science Manuscript Editor

I am a top-performing and self-motivated statistician, a technical writer, a financial writer and editor with years of experience. I possess de...

United Kingdom
USD40.0 per hour
Freelance Researcher and Consultant on computer science projects

I am highly active in research areas of Smart Grid, Ad-hoc Networks, E-Healthcare, Internet of Things, Cyber-physical Systems and Image process...

USD0.0 per hour
Researcher and Freelancer (Pro) at Kolabtree / 15+ years of experience in Design, Implementation, Product, Test and Eval

Post Ph.D. level scientist with more than 15 years of experience in both academia and industry. Experience in multinational corporations and ma...

PhD in Signal Theory and Communications
USD0.0 per hour
Telecommunications engineer expert in signal processing, measurement systems & automation, and optoelectronics

I am a telecommunications engineer with 15+ years of experience in signal processing, measurement systems and optical subsystems and networks R...

Web Development
South Africa
USD40.0 per hour
Freelance Editor & Writer

I have experience in Training, Technical Writing, Content Development, Instructional Design, Education, Translation, Vocal coaching & c...

USD8.0 per hour
Cloud Architect| VMware certified System administrator

I had been a Linux/ Windows Administrator for 3+ years. I have worked for many years with the Centos. I am good in deploying infrastructure as ...

Bachelor of Arts
United States
USD100.0 per hour

IT consulting and software development, specializing in embedded systems, and medical records software.

M.S. Computer Science
United States
USD0.0 per hour

Industry expert in with multiple implementations and publications • Strategic Technology Planning • Technology Development • Process Methodol...

South Korea
USD15.0 per hour
PhD in engineering, various projects in engineering. Review, assist, and write research papers and reports

Computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer network, satellite network, wireless telecommunication, ad hoc network, sensor network, ...

Ph. D Computer Science
USD20.0 per hour
Freelance Electrical Engineering and Computer science researcher. Over 30 years field and class room experience. Ph.D. C

A researcher in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Power System Analysis, System Studies, Computer Networking, Computer programming, ...

Master of Engineering
USD30.0 per hour
Computer and networking researcher, expert in scientific writing, content creations, Python and C++ programmer

I have extensive research and reaching experience in electronics and computer engineering. I am well versed with different computer tools and s...

Doctor of Philosophy
USD30.0 per hour
Computer Science Researcher (10+ years) | Technical Writer & Reviewer | Socially Responsible Projects Enthusiast

I am a postdoctoral researcher with over eleven years of experience in computing systems. I have an excellent record of peer-reviewed publicati...

USD0.0 per hour
Bioinformatician at Systems Biology Irelnad

I am a computational biologist with broad expertise in analysis of omics data. Specialties include: bioinformatics, transcriptomics (RNA-seq, s...

Ph.D. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering
USD25.0 per hour
Researcher, Telecom, Wireless Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Project Manager,Technical Education Administrator

Dr. Memon has more than 10 years of research, technical and administrative experience in the industry and academia. He has more than 10 researc...

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science & Engineering
USD50.0 per hour
Business Profitability Consultant and Senior Test Technologist

A wholesome IT professional with 25 years of experience focused on Software Testing, Data Science, and Software Development. Consulting in Dat...

Data Science
United States
USD80.0 per hour
Freelance Cloud Architect and Data Scientist | 10+ years experience with R, Google Cloud certified

I am a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science. I am a Google Cloud Platform certified Prof...

Computer Science
USD20.0 per hour
Web Applications Developer at Andela

I am inclined to conducting research based on technological advances and design. Currently, I am writing an article about the future of Program...

MSc. Bioinformatics
USD0.0 per hour

I have built a solid background in IT, particularly with systems and network administration. I've worked for several years for governmental com...

Computer Science
USD30.0 per hour
Tech Expert

An IT expert with a degree in computer science and currently working for MTN as the network admin

United States
USD195.0 per hour

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Time Series Analysis / Prediction, Image Learning -Supervised and Unsupervised. Use cases in Marketing, Mach...

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering
USD0.0 per hour

Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Radar Engineering, Wireless Communication and Networks, Optimization for communication a...

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  • Stabilize the shelf life of a sauce