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Dr. Nancy Roche

Literature PhD with 5+ years experience editing, proofreading, and academic writing.
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Doctor of Philosophy in English
United States

I am a specialist in the long 19th Century, but focusing on Golden Era children's literature more specifically. Some of my projects have in...

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PhD English Literature & Film Studies
United States
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PhD in English Literature and Film Studies, University of California; Licensed Nurse; MA English Literature (Shakespeare), University of Califo...

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MS, Library and Information Science
United States

I provide editing, proofreading, and indexing services in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. My specialties include textbooks ...

PhD Russian Literature

A PhD in Russian literature, I taught at liberal arts colleges for 7 years before becoming a freelance copyeditor. For the past 8 years I have ...

Dr. Dr. Ahmad Siddiqi

Healthcare Data Analyst, Writer, Researcher, Consultant, Editor, Expert in SPSS, AMOS (Pharmacist and PhD in Management)
PhD Management Sciences with Specialization in Healthcare Marketing

I have history of writing, editing papers, preparing presentations, dissertations, thesis, research papers, market reports, sales reports inclu...

I am a PhD candidate in Art History at the University of Texas at Austin. As a young child my family immigrated from Santiago to Miami and I gr...

Dr. Doris Wu

PhD Freelance science writer/editor: biology, medical, psychology, wildlife, conservation with 8+ yrs experience
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I edit manuscripts/theses/papers/emails/etc in a variety of topics including biological/psychological/medical/etc. I can also help with formatt...

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