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United Kingdom
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Computational Biology | Bioinformatics | Genomics | Biostatistics | Molecular Biology

Profile Summary
Subject Matter Expertise
Writing Clinical Trial Documentation, Technical Writing, Copywriting, Newswriting
Research Market Research, User Research, Meta-Research, Feasibility Study, Fact Checking, Gap Analysis, Gray Literature Search, Systematic Literature Review, Secondary Data Collection
Consulting Digital Strategy Consulting, Scientific and Technical Consulting
Data & AI Predictive Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Algorithm Design-Non ML, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, Data Processing, Data Insights
Product Development Formulation, Product Evaluation, Material Sourcing, Product Validation, Manufacturing, Concept Development, Prototyping
Work Experience

Lecturer in Biomedical Science

London South Bank University

November 2021 - Present

Honorary lecturer in Bioinformatics

Queen Mary University of London

November 2022 - November 2024


Queen Mary University of London

January 2019 - November 2021

Postdoctoral Researcher

Queen Mary University of London

November 2017 - November 2021


PhD Molecular and Cell Biology (School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences,)

University of Bradford

January 2014 - December 2017

Masters in Biomedical Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)

University of Bradford

August 2012 - December 2013

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