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USD 500 /hr
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United Kingdom
USD 500 /hr

Neuroscience & Psychology, CPsychol (BPS, UK), Reg.Clin.Psy (HKSCP), AFBPsS, FHKSCP, AFHKPS, C.Sci., PhD

Profile Summary
Subject Matter Expertise
Writing Clinical Trial Documentation, Technical Writing
Research Fact Checking, Gray Literature Search, Systematic Literature Review, Secondary Data Collection
Data & AI Statistical Analysis
Work Experience

Dean of Academic Research, Program Director

EduChina (FuLearning), Beijing/Shanghai

September 2015 - June 2019

Dean of Academic Research/Program Director


September 2015 - May 2019

Science Advisor

Beijing Genomics Institute (GZ)

August 2012 - September 2015

 Science Advisor

Beijing Genomics Institute

2012 - 2015

Visiting Professor

Institute of Neuroscience (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

May 2010 - September 2012

Visiting Professor

Institute of Neuroscience Chinese Academy of Sciences

2010 - 2012

President, Academic Research Director


October 2006 - May 2010

President, Academic Research/Program Director

People Impact (PII)

2006 - 2010

Visiting Research Fellow & Teaching professor in Pre-clinical Neuroscience & Biological Psychology

Washington University School of Medicine, McDonnell Centre for Higher Brain Research

December 1999 - September 2006

Visiting Research Fellow & Teaching professor in Pre-clinical Neuroscience & Biological Psychology

Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

1999 - 2006

Lecturer in Psychology (Comparative Neuroscience and Child Development)

University of Edinburgh

September 1991 - December 1999

University Lecturer (Neuroscience & Comparative Psychology)

University of Edinburgh

1991 - 1999

Attache de Reserche

Centre International de Recherches Medicales de Franceville

1989 - 1991

Attache de Recherche (Comp. Reproductive Medicine)

World Health (WHO-CIRMF), Gabon, W. Africa.

September 1989 - February 1990

Post Doc Research Asst

University of Edinburgh MRC Centre for Reproductive Health

1988 - 1989



University of Edinburgh

October 1991 - June 1997

PhD (Psychology)

University of Edinburgh

1991 - 1997

Dip Neurosci.

RDS(V)Med, University of Edinburgh

October 1987 - June 1988

BsC (Hons)

University of Sussex

October 1984 - June 1987

  • Certification details not provided.
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