「Kolabtreeの共同設立者であるAshmita Dasは、「多くの企業にとって、学術界はアクセスしづらい存在です。「学界と産業界のコラボレーションを促進する取り組みは、主にそのようなプログラムに資金を提供できる企業を対象としています。Kolabtreeでは、小規模な企業や組織でも、科学者や高度な専門家と簡単に協力できるようにしたいと考えています」と述べています。

Kolabtree lies at the center of several ongoing trends. Businesses large and small require advanced expertise and outside knowledge to support digital and non-technical innovation. Even as stakeholders engaged in social problems like climate change, food production, and ヘルスケア are increasingly looking at instant access to specialist expertise, research budgets have flattened or shrunk in many Western countries, leading to an expanding workforce of highly trained scientific professionals. Kolabtree’s mission is democratize access to scientific talent by helping 事業 and industry tap into this talent pool without incurring the heavy costs of recruiting, retaining, and training.

Kolabtree’s beta program produced several success stories, be it of an NGO that hired a postdoc to collect literature on a rare 疾患 or of a business owner who sought a data scientist to spot trends in daily product sales. Evidence of the demand for such a platform lies in the 2000+ users who signed up with Kolabtree as freelancers. Shedding more light on this, Aaheli Roy Choudhary, a Kolabtree freelancer, says, “Kolabtree offers a solid platform for scientists transitioning from active research to academic writing and コンサルティング."


Kolabtree is the world’s first on-demand web platform tailored to harness highly qualified scientific talent globally. By connecting businesses as well as academics with PhDs and postdocs from prestigious universities worldwide, it aims to transform how needs for specialized academic expertise are met. Kolabtree solves industry and academia problems from disciplines spanning the physical, life, and social sciences and offers solutions as diverse as データサイエンス, statistical review, experiment 了簡, scientific consulting, and academic 編集 and writing support. For more インフォメーション, visit our website at https://www.kolabtree.com/ をご覧ください。また、Twitter、Facebook、LinkedInでもご紹介しています。