Kolabtree - 長い旅の始まりを記録する


For those who came in late, it might seem as if Kolabtree has ventured into an already crowded 空間 of marketplaces for all kinds of needs. But those in 探索 of highly qualified talent acknowledge that Kolabtree has actually tapped into a unique niche to provide on-demand access to PhD-qualified experts for a variety of high-value services.

The fact that 2000+ PhD-qualified experts have already registered on the platform to provide freelance scientific consulting services is proof that Kolabtree is gaining ground. We currently have experts specializing in over 1800 subject 地域 and offering services as varied as literature search, technical 見直し, experimental 了簡, manuscript writing, editing, and data サイエンス.



One of our regular freelancers was clearly impressed with his first few assignments and had some glowing feedback for us: “The importance of クオリティ in background research, analysis, writing, reporting and communication cannot be emphasized enough. My doctoral and post-doctoral training and experience in the life sciences taught me the above skills, and I found Kolabtree to be the perfect freelance avenue to utilize my skills. Being a startup is not easy, and the Kolabtree team is clearly above others. Their focus on quality is evident in all aspects of their operations: their interactive and elegant portal, プロジェクト matching, user engagement, follow-up and delivery. I am confident that the best in quality will be delivered on Kolabtree. I am greatly enjoying my work with them, and I truly believe they are poised to be the leading platform for expert services. I would recommend them with no reservations.”

Kolabtreeにプロジェクトを再投稿したいと表明するクライアントが増えている。あるクライアントは最近、プロジェクトを投稿してから4時間以内に専門の遺伝学者を採用しました。プロジェクトが満足のいく形で完了した後、彼女は "Kolabtreeは素晴らしい、また必ずあなた方を利用します "と語った。

As we reach out to a broader clientele, Kolabtree intends to create a niche for itself by facilitating scientific and academic collaboration across various domains. This is just the initial phase of our ビジョン to provide more practical methods of collaboration through our web-driven platform.

このスペースに注目してください - まだまだ続きます。

Kolabtreeは、世界中の企業がオンデマンドで専門家を雇用できるよう支援します。私たちのフリーランサーは、企業が研究を公開するのを助けてきました。 書類製品開発、データ解析など、さまざまな業務に対応します。1分ほどで、お客様のご要望をお聞かせいただき、専門家によるお見積りを無料でお受けしています。