Friday Feature:アイリーン・サンジュアン-ナンディン


Dr Sanjuan-Nandin is an alumnus of University College London and is currently a Senior Scientist at Cancer リサーチ UK. Coming from a strong background in translational immunology, her main interest is the research and development of new strategies in immunotherapy. Her research career started with her PhD プロジェクト in cellular and molecular immunology, which led to strong interest in antibody drug development.


Dr Sanjuan-Nandin has not only rich academic experience but commendable インダストリー experience as well. Her position at UCB Pharma gave her the opportunity to apply her previous academic experience in a very innovative project to discover new cancer antigens harnessing the むりのない immune response against tumours. She returned to academia (Imperial College London) where she gained experience in working with recombinant antibodies, which complemented her knowledge of monoclonal antibodies.Her work was focussed on the expression and purification of antibody fragments (scFv) and conjugations to photo-sensitizers to improve the specificity of photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Dr Sanjuan-Nandin was appointed at Cancer Research UK in 2011 to apply her expertise in antibody development into a new platform to obtain human monoclonal antibodies from human B セル stimulated in vitro. The success of this unique platform led to the establishment of a the spin-off company: Blink Therapeutics. She currently investigating the application of this strategy in ワクチン development.

Specializations: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunoassay, Biotechnology, Immunology

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