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There is an almost alarming amount of information that is accessible to the world today. But unfortunately, the content we see is driven more by marketing budgets than by quality. And so, good research often does not get the visibility it deserves.

But we at Kolabtree firmly believe that academic work should be accessible easily. Our platform encourages collaborations between individuals across the world, and we’ve seen some thrilling projects so far. As we interact with academia and businesses on a daily basis, we also understand the challenges that they face in communicating their work to the world.

And that’s why we’re delighted to offer our platform as an opportunity for YOU to showcase your work. We invite you to use our blog to write about your research and innovation to reach out to a larger audience. You can bring attention to your topic of interest, spark a discussion among the scientific community and also share your own skills, knowledge and expertise. We would be honored to help spread the word about the work that you do and how it contributes the wider community.

We invite you to use our blog as a space to write on topics related to science, PhD or postdoc research, tech, data analytics, entrepreneurship and other academia-related topics you may be interested in. Your posts will be published under your name.

To contribute, get in touch at ramyasriram@kolabtree.com or つぶやく.




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