#ResearchWithoutBorders: Collaborate on a computational physics project with Dr. Lester Ingber


私たちの #ResearchWithoutBorders initiative aims to document and showcase cross-border collaborations in サイエンス, tech, engineering and 医学. Dr. Lester Ingber, an Oregon-based acclaimed physicist with over 100 publications to his credit, tells us about his platform, which facilitates collaboration with other researchers online.

Dr. Ingber is the Principal Investigator of a National Science Foundation (NSF.gov)  Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) supercomputer-resource グラント. XSEDE is a “single virtual システム that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data and expertise”. Collaboration is voluntary, and Dr. Ingber is currently working with two volunteers – one from the USA and one from Italy. Depending on the contribution, collaborators are rewarded through learning, producing new algorithms, acknowledgments, or co-authorship, personal references from Dr. Ingber, etc.

The current grant, “Quantum path-integral qPATHTREE and qPATHINT algorithms”, extended till Dec 2017, focusses on computational 物理学.

For more information, and to apply as a volunteer, please visit このリンク.

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