のです。 拡大する不均衡 between the number of PhD graduates in the US and the number of vacancies in academic jobs has paved the way for a new kind of academic: the フリーランス・サイエンティスト. In fact, some researchers have continued pursuing 6 to 10 post-doc jobs after their PhD degrees, without any signs of stability. These concerns reached the brink during 2014-15 when the number of fresh doctoral degree holders was exactly twice as much as it was during the early 2000s. Along with talented researchers opting out of science and establishing “startups” on their own, a massive number of PhD qualified scientists took the freelancing path. The reasons that spurred this massive revolution also included geographical constraints, bias towards established researchers and  funding challenges. Ultimately, it boiled down to the question whether external constraints such as funding and opportunities could disrupt the speed of scientific 開発. Luckily, the answer to that has been retained as a positive, by freelance scientists — scientists who are able to offer their services to those who need them, on demand, and irrespective of institutional support. Here are five reasons businesses should hire freelance scientists.


An independent researcher’s biggest resource is time. Every hour of the day requires effective utilization for any freelancer and for freelancing researchers, the emphasis is even greater. They require maintaining an hourly schedule that allocates time according to the different functions performed in a typical workday. One hour for client discussions, one hour for new project proposals, two hours for checking reports etc. – every task has to be designated with the exact dedicated time to complete it.

また、フリーランス・サイエンティストの1日のスケジュールは、以下のようなものでなければなりません。 時間管理の異なる層 almost going down to every minute of the day. This is because scientists don’t just work on computer systems; they need to collect samples, sometimes they require interviewing people, or they might even require hours or days to test a hypothesis. These tasks cannot be quantified into hourly schedules, they can take up indefinite time stamps that affect other tasks, and more importantly, deadlines. So, freelance scientists require 120% more focus and dedication than conventional scientists in order to complete their projects on time. And let’s not forget that freelance scientists most often work out of a rented office space, so if they’re taking more time than scheduled, they are only increasing their own expenses. Well, time management skills have been emphasized enough for full-time professionals, but they assume far greater significance when considering the task-space of a freelance scientist. Next time you heard a scientist saying 時は金なり彼がフリーランスであることを信じています。


While many would agree that コミュニケーション skills are a big part of making or breaking professional success, for freelance scientists, communication develops a whole new meaning. They’ve got to create opportunities, they’ve got to market themselves, they have to negotiate rates for projects, they’ve got to deliver world-changing results and then, they’re going to publish papers as well. Plus, let’s not forget the significance of research citations and conference presentations. Every single action, task, or agenda requires them to up their communication skills. Conventional scientists can earn a reputation among their peers through moderate communication skills, but freelance scientists would be risking their road ahead if they cannot communicate well enough. Moreover, many freelance scientists end up making alternative careers as science communicators alone. So the need for fantastic communication skills, both verbal and written, is pretty much like bread and butter for freelance scientists.


Businesses hire accountants to check budgets, payments and all other types of expenses. But freelancers require doing these tasks mostly on their own unless they’ve grown to a certain extent and hired subcontractors to carry out these seemingly tiny, yet absolutely essential tasks. A freelance scientist should be able to account the time required to complete projects, decide hourly rates for them, check the overhead expenses required for sampling data, track software usage costs, server renting costs, office accommodation and running expenses and so many other costs, all on a regular basis. This means, they’re either going to sit with their registers once a day or if they’re lucky, once or twice a week. But accounting is a very significant task that comes with freelancing and there’s no second way around it. While on one side, regular accounting helps understand how financially sustainable you are as a freelance scientist, the downside is, if you hate it, you’ll never really be able to make the most of the available resources. A big challenge of going solo is managing finances and freelance scientists require mastering it even before thinking about increasing their clientele.



フリーランスの研究者は、しばしば政府機関からの資金確保の問題に直面し、これが全体のワークフローに影響を与えます。フリーランスの研究者が長い道のりを歩むためには、研究機関の仲間やかつての指導者、関連分野の善意の同僚からのサポートが欠かせません。フリーランスの研究者は、自分の仕事の中で完璧な人と強いつながりを築くことができますし、時には素晴らしい証言や推薦を得て、従来のフリーランサーのようにフリーランスの研究者に仕事が舞い込むこともあります。フリーランスの科学者には、次のような義務があります。 研究論文の引用数の増加 そして 学会発表 極めてポジティブなネットワーキング能力がなければ実現しない。



フリーランスの科学者は、しばしば起業家と比較されます。 because of their abilities to master multidisciplinary skills, manage different kinds of people they work with, the variety of industries they serve and the top-notch 分析 and technological insights they provide on an everyday basis. These days it’s not hard to find freelance scientists that are perfectionists in their own field of work as well as developing quick proficiencies in other far-reaching domains as well. Freelance scientists are explorers, marketers, writers, editors, negotiators, all packed into one. They would be exploring novel data visualization tools one day and could be writing books the next day, but what they mostly are not, is stoppable.

For every challenge that pervades the career path of a scientist, the complexity compounds multi-fold in the path of a freelance scientist. But haven’t we all heard the adage, 困難に直面したとき、困難を克服するためには.それは、フリーランスの科学者がキャリアの成功に向けて踏み出すすべてのステップに当てはまります。明るい話題としては、ますます多くのフリーランスの科学者が登場し、自分たちで非営利のコミュニティやサポートシステムを構築し、個人としても全体としてもより大きな成功に向けてお互いを導いていることです。彼らは、異なる地域、時間帯、対人関係を模索し、平行した時間軸を生きていますが、研究を継続し、継続的に繁栄するための従来とは異なる方法を開拓しているのですから、部屋いっぱいの拍手を浴びる価値があります。

フリーランスのサイエンティストとの仕事をお探しですか?あなたのプロジェクトを コラブツリー で、MIT、ケンブリッジ、スタンフォード、オックスフォードなどの博士号を持つ専門家と一緒に仕事をすることができます。




マハスウェータは、フリーランスのメディカルライター、サイエンスコミュニケーターとして、技術文書、ブログ記事、ニュース記事の作成に携わっています。根っからのバイオテクノロジー研究者で、組織工学、医療用画像処理装置、工業用微生物学の研究経験があります。また、Elsevier、Wolters Kluwer Health、Royal Society for Chemistryなどの雑誌の編集者としても活躍しています。