Structural Equation Modelling in Data Science and Biostatistics: Kolabtree Whitepaper

Structural Equation Modelling or (SEM) is a modern multivariate analysis method useful for complex and interrelated data. It’s significance lies in the analysis of medical/health-related data and survey análisis de datos, and can be useful for human-resource management, marketing research, public policy-related studies, etc.
The whitepaper, published by Kolabtree, is authored by Dr. Tomoe Gusberti, autónomo consultor científico en Kolabtree. Offering research methodology y análisis de datos services on Kolabtree, Tomoe comes from a pharmaceutical background, and also holds a doctorate in industrial engineering.
The whitepaper, focusing on structural equation modelling, comprises a narrative that seeks to illustrate the variety of applications alongside the major concepts like mediation and moderation, and enable its target readership;
–  to assess interrelated data found in the biomedical field;
– to assess the effectiveness of awareness campaigns (brand, health, sustainability, etc.)
–  to assess causality in marketing, human resource management, social and behavioural fields (often as survey analyses);
Download the free structural equation modelling whitepaper below.
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