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The Big Bang Theory is the most widely accepted explanation of how the universe expanded from an initial state of high density and temperature. In pop-culture though, the term has largely been used to refer to the show featuring the idiosyncrasies of the Big Bang Theory scientists, namely Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his genius science buddies. 

At Kolabtree, we’re obviously huge fans of a show that combined science and humor in equal dollops for 12 successful years. By integrating science into the majority of the episodes, whether in a geeky or purely academic way, the Big Bang Theory scientists did a great job taking science to the mainstream, which happens to be one of Kolabtree’s own core missions too. 

Real World Science

Whether it was Leonard and Sheldon squabbling over their research paper on superfluid vacuum theory, Sheldon explaining the concept of Schrodinger’s cat to Penny, or Raj discovering a planet and promptly naming it ‘Planet Bollywood’, the Big Bang Theory scientists were involved in frequent shout-outs to contemporary science concepts and discoveries, which were a brilliant touch to get us invested in the show. The cameos by Stephen Hawking and Neil Degrasse Tyson helped, of course. Sheldon’s impromptu science rants and fact checks, and the multiple experiments the gang undertook together added to the intrigue, giving us a brief insight into the wide mysterious world of science.

It also got us thinking about some of our own freelancers, and the type of fascinating research they undertake on a daily basis. Kolabtree started with a vision to make science accessible for everyone, and this remains one of the platform’s core purposes.

Kolabtree’s Science Guys

Not quite Bill Nye, but Kolabtree has its fair share of top notch scientists from all over the world. Right from data scientists from the world’s top tech giants to planetary scientists studying the possibility of extraterrestrial life, the platform is teeming with thousands of industry experts who. much like the Big Bang Theory scientists, work on niche research concerning the most esoteric concepts within academia. With over 20,000 freelancers on board, we wanted to trawl through this extensive database to find experts who loosely matched the career trajectories of the Big Bang Theory characters who put the gloss onto science on the big screen.

Neuroscientist Arianna Ferrini

A neuroscience postdoctoral research fellow, Arianna has a PhD in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering from Imperial College London, and is well versed in science, medicine and the biotech world. Her areas of expertise encompass biology, bioengineering, stem cell research and gene therapy across others. As an interdisciplinary scientist, she excels at putting together complex concepts and explaining them in an accessible and engaging manner.

She holds several prestigious positions, such as Director of Communications for the Association of the Italian Scientist in the UK (AISUK) and Chair of the Student and Young Investigator Section of the European Chapter of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society (TERMIS).

Her research interest lies at the interface between stem cell biology and tissue engineering, where two apparently different fields like biology and engineering can come together to advance healthcare. Specifically, she has developed a hydrogel-based drug delivery system that is currently being pre-clinically tested for cardiac regeneration and she has used patient-derived 3D systems for disease modelling of neurodegenerative diseases. The translational and collaborative side of research is what fascinates her, leading her on a global academic career that has led her to work in Italy, the USA and the UK. Arianna says “I  truly believe science has no borders.”

On Kolabtree, she offers on-demand expertise in scientific and medical writing, technical writing and scientific communication. She enjoys working on interesting projects with clients from all over the world, putting together her two big passions: science and writing!

She lives in London (UK), a city that she loves despite the occasional gloomy weather. In her free time, she loves reading, practising yoga and travelling.

Astrophysicist Sayak Bhattacharya

India-based Sayak Bhattacharya has a PhD in Astrophysics, much like Rajesh Koothrapalli. He also has niche expertise across various domains such as theoretical and computational chemistry, quantum mechanics and thermodynamics.

Sayak Bhattacharya graduated with Chemistry as a major from St. Xaviers College Kolkata, and a Masters in Physical Chemistry from Delhi University. He later took up a Ph.D. position at IIT Guwahati, ranked among the 70 best young Universities in the world. During his research days, he strongly collaborated with Prof. H. D. Meyer from Heisenberg, Germany and came up with interesting publications which have raised questions on the accuracy of the much-acclaimed Big Bang theory as the sole theory for the formation of the World. 

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In line with the Big Bang theory, Helium is supposed to be the most formed element after hydrogen, and Helium hydride the most abundant chemical complex. The absence of even traces of Helium Hydride, an otherwise stable complex, in the interstellar medium raises serious questions about the sequence of events that lead to the formation of matter according to the Big Bang Theory. 

Post Ph.D, Dr. Bhattacharya had a Postdoctoral stint at the University of New Mexico and later joined VelTech University Chennai as the Head of the Dept., Chemistry. He has also guided various student projects during his stay at Galgotias University as a Program Chair. His Astrophysics projects have given up certain alternate theories and various studies around the World have also pointed out major inaccuracies in the Big Bang Theory. 

When he is not dealing with stars, Dr. Bhattacharya prefers to don a Chef’s hat and try out his hand at various international cuisines. Dr. Bhattacharya is also a regular part of Corporate Boardrooms, teaching the art of Quantum Management of employees and explaining the quantum theory, as a way of life.

As a chartered physicist, he offers on-demand scientific consulting services such as product development, scientific writing and academic research

Theoretical Physicist Lucas Xavier

With a MSc in Theoretical Physics under his belt and a PhD in the works, Dr Lucas Xavier is well on his way to working on the most obscurely brilliant concepts in contemporary science. He is well versed in a wide range of subjects, such as condensed matter physics, quantum physics and theoretical physics amongst others.

His past research involves studying random matrix theory methods and applying it to myriad areas of physics. This includes string theory in optics, charge transport in wires and nuclear physics. His current research is well and truly a glimpse into futuristic science. It lies tantalisingly at the interface between condensed matter physics and quantum information theory, where he dabbles with exotic matter phases that can potentially be used to build quantum computers.

On Kolabtree, Lucas offers varied on-demand expertise such as scientific writing and data analyses.

Aerospace Engineer Tom Pinnegar

Tom Pinnegar has a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering, with additional focus on automotive engineering and engineering design. He regularly designed and conducted experiments in the lab in order to understand how vehicles behave, especially with respect to the accuracy of mathematically simulated models. 

He has worked on new theoretical models and suspension design, and written a fully indexed terminology compendium. On Kolabtree, he offers on-demand expertise in academic research, scientific consulting and data analysis services.

Experimental Physicist Morteza Erfani

An experimental physicist, Morteza Erfani’s expertise covers physics, nanotechnology and quantum computing. With a MSc from University College, London and a PhD in Physics from University of Cambridge, he has also helped develop experiments that involve semiconductors, solid state physics,  nano-electronics, optics and cryogenic systems

Morteza offers scientific writing, scientific consulting and product development services as a Kolabtree freelancer. He also takes on problem-solving work related to literature review and experimental design. 

These are just some of the brilliant scientists on Kolabtree who undertake ground breaking projects on a daily basis. Looking to develop an innovative product or idea?  Post a project for free or consult our top experts here directly.

Kolabtree helps businesses worldwide hire freelance scientists and industry experts on demand. Our freelancers have helped companies publish research papers, develop products, analyze data, and more. It only takes a minute to tell us what you need done and get quotes from experts for free.

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