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Success Stories

Design a statistical study

A medical volunteer hired a freelance researcher for help measuring the impact of an HIV awareness initiative in Uganda.

Cost: USD 800 | Time Taken: 1 Month

Help with medical device innovation

The founder of a US-based medical device company hired a scientific writer to provide supporting research for the launch of a new product.

Cost: USD 2750 | Time Taken: 20 Days

Formulate tasty gluten-free bread

A US-based food entrepreneur was looking for a scientist to formulate a high-quality gluten-free bread.

Cost: USD 900 | Time Taken: 2 Weeks

Statistical review of pre-clinical study

A medical device company hired a biostatistician from the Netherlands to review the results of their pre-clinical study and prepare it for journal publication.

Cost: USD 500 | Time Taken: 1 Week

Design a clinical trial

A California-based breast cancer surgeon hired an India-based biostatistician to design a clinical trial.

Cost: USD 1575 | Time Taken: 2 Weeks

Develop a medical device

An Australian medical device innovation company hired a Mexico-based nanotechnology expert to develop electrodes that could destroy living tissue.

Cost: USD 2000 | Time Taken: 1 Month

Experts associated with high-quality institutions around the globe are providing high-value freelance services through Kolabtree

I contracted with a brilliant biostatistician and his team that not only completed my project before my deadline but also enhanced my analysis with their insights.

Dr. Robert Goldberg

Co-founder, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest

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The freelancer was timely and communicated well, and I was very happy with the outcome.

Ian Mulvany

Head of Product Innovation, Sage Publications

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Finding and collaborating with a freelancer was an excellent experience

Alexandra Thompson

Co-founder and CEO, Allele

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