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Help develop a new Oxygen concentrator for COPD patients
Cost: USD 6000 | Time taken: 2 Week
The Challenge

Aires Medical makes homecare oxygen and ventilation devices. They were looking for an expert in porous materials and fluid dynamics, who could help formulate a new product or improve on an existing design. The deliverables included a research report on the methods used to create a stable structure, which required the freelancer to have regular calls with the client’s mechanical engineering team.

How Kolabtree Helped

Nicholas Oddo, Vice President at Aires Medical posted his project on Kolabtree. He received 2 proposals from PhD-qualified experts within 24 hours. After reviewing the proposals, Nicholas hired Dr. Abhijeet Lale, a polymer-derived ceramic expert with over 25 research papers publications. He chose to pay by the hour, and collaborated with Abhijeet easily via Kolabtree’s secure internal workspace.Abhijeet helped come up with a new way to convert zeolite pellets into porous solid bodies with high porosity and low pressure drop. Abhijeet was also able to deliver within the tight deadline of 2 weeks and was rated 5 stars by Nicholas.

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Freelance Materials Researcher
PhD, Physical chemistry and chemistry of materials
Institut Européen des Membranes
Client Says

"I tried to find someone with this niche expertise through several networks and finally found an expert on Kolabtree"