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Develop a protocol for compound extraction
Cost: USD 1750 | Time taken: 10 Day
The Challenge

Kaffe Bueno, a Denmark-based coffee company, operates with a mission to upcycle the natural by-products of coffee that goes to waste, such as spent coffee grounds that are rich in proteins and lipids. The process ultimately aims to turn the SCG (spent coffee grounds) that's treated as waste into materials that can be used for personal care, food and beverages, etc. One of their myriad recycling projects involved the conception and development of a new product, which required a scientist to develop different protocols for the extraction of a compound from vegetable oil.

How Kolabtree Helped

Juan Pablo Medina, co-founder of the company, posted his requirement on Kolabtree and received a proposal within an hour. He chose to hire the same applicant, Marcia Da Silva Pinto, an experienced scientific consultant. Marcia had worked on several new product formulation projects before. She had specific experience with molecular distillation, which was what Juan was looking for. Once Marcia signed an NDA, Juan shared the project details with her. They collaborated closely using the workspace. Juan was so happy with the work delivered that he extended the project for another task and also posted 20 new projects on Kolabtree. In total, Kaffe Bueno has hired experts from Kolabtree for 50 projects. These include several projects aimed at upcycling coffee waste, such as assessing the toxicology data of several compounds through intense data analysis and documentary research. Another similar project involved extensive analysis of fertilizers and pesticides within the coffee industry, trying to decipher the economical and environmental impacts in order to help find green alternatives. The client typically received instant responses for these projects, tapping into the niche expertise available on the platform to successfully complete them.

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