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Analyze results of insurance policy study
Cost: USD 1000 | Time taken: 2 Months
The Challenge

The CEO of a specialty insurance company based in California was looking for a statistician to analyze the methodology and results of an error rate study which was conducted on a sample of their policies. They wanted someone to review the sample data and answer any additional questions. They also wanted to have a phone call with the expert.

How Kolabtree Helped

The client posted their project on Kolabtree and received two bids within 24 hours. After negotiating the fee, he chose Dr. Colin Gillespie, an experienced statistician and lecturer based in the UK. The client and freelancer worked together and the project was completed in 2 weeks.

  • Project deadline met
  • Bids received within 24 hours
Statistician and Data Analyst
PhD in Statistics
University of Strathclyde, UK