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Statistical review
Femoral Neck Fracture Study
USD 500 - USD 600 Fixed fee
I have completed a randomised controlled study, comparing two different treatment modalities for fracture neck of femur. Through this study we are loo ... Read more
October 27, 2018
Data Science
life time value of a custeomr
USD 400 - USD 1100 Fixed fee
life time value of a custoemer ... Read more
October 26, 2018
Data Science
Extract a Database Insights from 4000 word docs and pdfs
USD 250 - USD 500 Fixed fee
We have more than 4000 documents in word or PDF. We need consulting in how we can drive usable and tangible insights from the text (proposals, cover l ... Read more
October 20, 2018
Experiment design
research plan on patented compound formulation
USD 500 - USD 23000 Fixed fee
Work with neural network for compound formulation patent review. We have identified a target and specific compound formulation for therapeutic use. ... Read more
October 15, 2018
Data Science
eye detection pupil detection
USD 1500 - USD 2000 Fixed fee
I have a app that records a video of a human beings eye. I need a app to be written either extending the current app on the phone or a application on ... Read more
October 15, 2018
M Theory Expert
USD 500 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
I have a possible conjecture of what the remaining 95% of the universe is. Looking for an M Theory expert to assist with the mathematics. Thank you fo ... Read more
October 12, 2018
Experiment design
New Insights Community Methodology Development
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
We are developing a new insights community for health-conscious consumers and brands designed to create better products, together. We believe that co ... Read more
October 09, 2018
Data Science
Data Analysis with RExcel
USD 40 - USD 80 Fixed fee
Case study analysis with R commands or Excel ... Read more
October 07, 2018
Statistical review
interpret and analyze data results from a survey and an electronic report
USD 30 - USD 100 Fixed fee
I have completed a quality improvement project at a local hospital and need help interpreting and analyzing the data/information I have gathered from ... Read more
September 26, 2018
Experiment design
Create a blend of superfoods
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
We are looking for a food scientist/nutritionist, who can help us to create a blend of superfoods.At first, there are three intents for those blends: ... Read more
September 24, 2018