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Master in Public Health
USD32.0 per hour
Freelance Statistician & Data Analyst | Expert in SPSS |Medical writer with 10+ years of experience in clinical rese...

I am a Mexican born Medical Doctor, Surgeon/Obstetrician currently residing in Guadalajara, with a recently earned Master in Public Health, bot...

Associate Professor (Artificial Intelligence), USP-Brazil; Honorary Research Fellow, Univ Aberdeen (UK)

Over 30 yrs experience as faculty member, most of which at USP. Main focus on Artificial Intelligence. In recent years, work on tech transfer, ...

Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering
USD95.0 per hour
Freelance project and product management expert

I offer services in project management, product management and usability. I have worked in the medical device and healthcare industry for a dec...

Bachelor of Arts
United States
USD100.0 per hour

IT consulting and software development, specializing in embedded systems, and medical records software.

PhD Artificial Intelligence
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour
CEO - Chi-Squared Innovations ★ Telling Stories With Data ★ www.chi2innovations.com

I have a very broad range of expertise within science, having in-depth knowledge of physics, medical physics, bioinformatics, medicine, artific...

USD20.0 per hour
Medical Researcher and Writer

I am a postgraduate Pharmacy research scholar, working in 500 bedded tertiary care hospital. Currently, I am working on three research assignme...

Doctor of Medicine
USD20.0 per hour

I am a recent graduate from medical school. My research interests include preventative medicine, diabetes, medical literacy, and internal medic...

USD100.0 per hour
MD, MPH, PhD. Advanced Biostatistical programming and Epidemiological research design and methodology, Paediatrician⠀

I specialize in epidemiologic big-databases studies design and methodology, advanced bio-statistical programming using R, and visualization. I...

Doctor of Medicine
United States
USD75.0 per hour
Medical scientist in residency, with expertise in biostatistics, biomedical informatics, and healthcare.

PhD in Biomedical Informatics, focusing on mathematical and statistical models for abstracting data from EHR. MS in Biostatistics MD, currently...

United Kingdom
USD30.0 per hour
Research Scientist with PhD in Genomics, Specializing in Clinical and Health Informatics

I hold a Ph.D. in Functional and Comparative Genomics from the University of Liverpool, UK. During this time, Istudied fungal genetics and geno...

PhD Population Geneics and Genomics
USD75.0 per hour
Innovator transforming human health and performance with data and technology.

For over a decade, I have expanded our understanding of how interactions between the instructions in DNA and environmental factors encountered ...

Infection Management for Pharmacists - MSc
USD32.0 per hour
Medical Writing, White Papers & Stem Cell Expertise.

I strive for perfection and stick to honesty. I am a seasoned professional with experience in medical writing, Instructional design & m...

Bachelor of Dentistry
USD12.0 per hour
Freelance Research Assistant, Environmental Health Sciences Master Degree Student & Biomedical Writter | Expert in E...

Graduated in Dentistry and a Master's degree Scholarship holder in Brazil. I have experience as a research assistant in the Health Sciences...

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
USD25.0 per hour

I have three years of experience in post-marketing individual case safety report (ICSR) processing and quality review. Since Feb 2018, I have b...

Diploma in Applied Science (Sonography)
USD75.0 per hour
Freelance Specialist Medical, Health and Technical Writer

My background is nearly two decades in a clinical environment in medical imaging spread over the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Timor Leste. ...

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Recently Completed Projects
  • Design a statistical study
  • Prepare a paper for journal publication
  • Stabilize the shelf life of a sauce
Skills related to Medical Informatics
Abstracting & Indexing Academic Libraries Algorithms API Archival Science Artificial Intelligence Bereavement Big Data Biofeedback Bioinformatics Cataloging & Classification Children's Libraries Circadian Rhythms Community Health Services Computational Linguistics Computational Mathematics Computational Physics Computational Sciences Computer & Data Security Computer Engineering Computer Graphics Computer Hardware Computer Industry Computer Networks & Networking Computer Programming Computer Science Computer Science Education Computer Simulation Computer Software Computer Storage Device Industry Computer Vision Computer-Aided Engineering Cryptography Data Analysis Data Analytics Data Processing Data Science Data Visualization Databases & Database Management Death Digital Libraries Digital Music Disabilities Distributed Computation Encryption Excel Facial Recognition Forecasting Geographic Information Systems HCI Health & Medicine (General) Health Economics Health Education Health Psychology Healthcare Consulting Human Computer Interaction Human-Computer Interaction Image Processing Inclusive Education Infection Control Informatics Information Engineering Information Management Information Retrieval Information Security Information Systems Information Technology Internet Internet Research Library & Information Science Library Reference Services Library Technology Machine Learning Management Information Systems Markup Languages Medical Anthropology Medical Geography Medical History Medical Humanities Medical Libraries Medical Sociology Medical Terminology Menopause Micromechatronics Music Libraries Natural Computation Neural Computation Nutrition Oracle Parallel Computation Pattern Recognition Privacy Psychotraumatology Public Libraries Robotics Satellite Communication & Broadcasting School Libraries Search Engine Software Engineering Software Testing SQL Stress & Anxiety Supercomputing Vaccine Virtual Reality