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Hire Mochammad Arfin Fardiansyah N.

Research Assistant of Bioinformatics Research Group, Universitas Indonesia | Academic writer with 23 publications

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Writing Technical Writing
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Research Assistant, Bioinformatics Research Group

Universitas Indonesia

January 2016 - Present


Master of Science (Chemistry)

Universitas Indonesia

September 2017 - Present

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

Universitas Indonesia

August 2010 - January 2015

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Putra, R.P., Alkaff, A.H., Nasution, M.A.F., Kantale, A.C.B., Tambunan, U.S.F.(2018). Searching of flavonoid compounds as a new antiviral for Sudan Ebolavirus glycoprotein using in silico methods . International Journal of GEOMATE. 15. (49). p. 78-84.
Tambunan, U.S.F., Parikesit, A.A., Nasution, M.A.F., Hapsari, A., Kerami, D.(2017). Exposing the molecular screening method of indonesian natural products derivate as drug candidates for cervical cancer . Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 16. (3). p. 1115-1129.
Tambunan, U.S.F., Parikesit, A.A., Wardani, F., Nasution, M.A.F., Kerami, D.(2017). In silico study of guanosine triphosphate (GTP) and ribavirin derivatives as the inhibitor for NS5 methyltransferase of dengue virus . Rasayan Journal of Chemistry. 10. (3). p. 910-921.
Tambunan, U.S.F., Nasution, M.A.F., Azhima, F., Parikesit, A.A., Toepak, E.P., Idrus, S., Kerami, D.(2017). Modification of S-Adenosyl-l-Homocysteine as Inhibitor of Nonstructural Protein 5 Methyltransferase Dengue Virus Through Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation . Drug Target Insights. 11.
Tambunan, U.S.F., Alkaff, A.H., Nasution, M.A.F., Parikesit, A.A., Kerami, D.(2017). Screening of commercial cyclic peptide conjugated to HIV-1 Tat peptide as inhibitor of N-terminal heptad repeat glycoprotein-2 ectodomain Ebola virus through in silico analysis . Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling. 74. p. 366-378.
Tambunan, U.S.F., Parikesit, A.A., Adam, V.C., Nasution, M.A.F., Puspitasari, R.D., Kerami, D.(2017). Virtual screening of commercial cyclic peptides as β -OG pocket binder inhibitor in dengue virus serotype 2 . International Journal of GEOMATE. 13. (7). p. 60-68.
Tambunan, U.S.F., Nasution, M.A.F., Parikesit, A.A., Noviardi, H., Kerami, D.(2016). Designing of disulfide cyclic peptide for inhibiting polymerase A and B1 (PA<inf>C</inf>-PB1<inf>N</inf>) in H1N1 virus using molecular simulation approach . OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences. 16. (3). p. 122-129.
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Nasution, M.A.F., Azzuhdi, M.G., Tambunan, U.S.F.(2017). Molecular interaction study of commercial cyclic peptides and MERS-COV papain-like protease as novel drug candidate for MERS-COV . AIP Conference Proceedings. 1862.
Nasution, M.A.F., Aini, R.N., Tambunan, U.S.F.(2017). Virtual screening of commercial cyclic peptides as NS2B-NS3 protease inhibitor of dengue virus serotype 2 through molecular docking simulation . IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 188. (1).