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Profile Details
Hire Dr. James E.
United Kingdom
Profile Summary
Subject Matter Expertise
Work Experience

Research Associate

Keele University

June 2013 - August 2016


PhD (Infection and Immunity)

University of Nottingham

July 2009 - June 2013

MA(Oxon) Biological Sciences

University of Oxford

October 2003 - July 2006

  • Certification details not provided.
James Edwards-Smallbone, Richard J. Pleass, Naveed A. Khan, Robin J. Flynn(2012). Acanthamoeba interactions with the blood{\textendash}brain barrier under dynamic fluid flow . Experimental Parasitology. 132. (3). p. 367--372. Elsevier {BV}
James Edwards-Smallbone, Ruqaiyyah Siddiqui, Robin Flynn, Naveed Ahmed Khan(2012). Next generation of non-mammalian blood-brain barrier models to study parasitic infections of the central nervous system . Virulence. 3. (2). p. 159--163. Informa {UK} Limited
James Edwards-Smallbone, Mark S. Koylass, Amanda C. King, Krishna K. Gopaul, Lorraine L. Perrett, Adrian M. Whatmore(2010). Comparative performance of {SNP} typing and `Bruce-ladder' in the discrimination of Brucella suis and Brucella canis . Veterinary Microbiology. 142. (3-4). p. 450--454. Elsevier {BV}
David Bass, Alexis T. Howe, Alexandre P. Mylnikov, Keith Vickerman, Ema E. Chao, James Edwards Smallbone, Jemma Snell, Charles Cabral Jr, Thomas Cavalier-Smith(2009). Phylogeny and Classification of Cercomonadida (Protozoa, Cercozoa): Cercomonas, Eocercomonas, Paracercomonas, and Cavernomonas gen. nov . Protist. 160. (4). p. 483--521. Elsevier {BV}