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A major scientific publisher needing assistance with preparing a knowledge report

The Head of Product Innovation at a major scientific publishing house was looking for an expert to conduct a comprehensive search to find approximate grant awards in the fields of digital humanities and computational social science.

- Ian Mulvany, Head of Product Innovation at Sage Publications
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Thomas Dahl
Literature search

A researcher seeking assistance for studying the effects of diphenhydramine in dogs

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Takahiro Watanabe

A marketing consulting company hired a French translator

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A social science researcher hired an astrophysicist to structure a large data set

A social science research group was studying the use of consistency and frequency of gym visits as inputs to predict academic performance. They had a fairly large dataset with 797,870 records. They were unable to conduct any meaningful analyses on the data and needed help in structuring it.

- Ethan Pew
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Beth Pringle, Consultant
Literature search on muscular dystrophy

A researcher needed help with her literature search

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James Harbal, Small business owner
statistical model to predict sales volumes

An Amazon reseller wanting to analyze data for boosting his sales

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A seed-stage startup found an expert genecist to vet their scientific content

The Co-Founder of a small, seed-stage personalized genomics startup was looking for some urgent help with reviewing their genomics research. She was looking for a qualified, motivated geneticist to review some of her team’s research. They wanted the expert to fact-check and edit about 45 short, reader-friendly paragraphs on different genes and SNPs. The requirement was urgent, yet they couldn’t afford to have ANY inaccurate details on their site.

- Alex Thompson, CEO
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Abhishek Goel, Chief Customer Officer
Market Research for Publication Services

A publication services firm analyzes their market

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Assistant Professor
assistance with sourcing and analyzing data

A professor gets assistance with his research

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A small business owner got expert assistance to prepare for a meeting about local drug regulations

A highly experienced scientist and the CEO of a medical grade CBD dispensary was looking for a research expert to help him complete a literature search on placebo controlled, double blind research to propose changes to certain drug usage laws in his state. His team was trying to convince the state senate committee about the scientific merit of the treating anxiety disorders using certain drugs.

- Dr Lang Coleman, Startup founder
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An open access journal needing assistance with managing their submission volumes

An open access life sciences journal specializing in plant and animal genetics with volumes between 20 – 100 submitted manuscripts per week needed assistance with screening manuscripts and providing recommendations to authors on areas that require improvement.

- A life sciences journal
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