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Our medical writing freelancers have extensive experience in writing for the medical device industry, pharma companies, academic institutions and healthcare businesses. Get help with preparing grant proposals, clinical trial protocols and regulatory documents (FDA/MDR). Our medical copywriters can help you with content writing, blog articles, white papers, and more.

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Our expert consultants can help you avoid common mistakes in regulatory documents and increase your chances of quick approval. Get help with FDA submissions, CERs and more.


Hire PhD-qualified subject matter experts to write high-authority white papers, Medical Education, product brochures and scientific articles.


Our experienced scientists can help you verify your research, prepare error-free manuscripts and increase your chance of publication in high-impact journals.


Work with experts who have prepared successful grant applications for several medical device, research and pharma organizations.


Find experts who can write high-quality clinical trial protocols according to best practices and internationally-accepted guidelines like the SPIRIT statement.


From cardiology to immunology, find skilled writers with experience in a wide range of medical fields. Get help to write, review and fact-check blog articles, website content, and more.

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  • Consult experienced medical device regulatory writers to accelerate time to market
  • Hire PhD-qualified, experienced scientific writers to write accurate, high-authority articles on topics ranging from cardiology to cancer research
  • Get help from published scientists to write/edit your manuscript and increase chances of publication in high-impact journals
  • Work with freelance grant writers who can help you write winning grant applications
  • Hire medical content writers to write reliable scientific content for your product, service or publication

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No matter what the size of your business, Kolabtree’s PhD-qualified specialists are ready to help. Save time and energy by consulting our medtech experts.

  • Writing & Editing

Cannabis genetic categorization

A cannabis researcher hired a plant diversity expert for writing a report on the categorization of the cannabis plant.

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CostUSD 500 Time Taken3 Weeks
  • Literature Search

Write a report on CBD usage

A Texas-based neuropsychologist hired an expert to compile a report that could be used to influence medical marijuana laws in the state.

Read Story
CostUSD 500 Time Taken1 Month
  • Secondary Research
  • Medical Device

Help with medical device innovation

The founder of a US-based medical device company hired a scientific writer to provide supporting research for the launch of a new product.

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CostUSD 2750 Time Taken20 Days
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Kolabtree was the single best professional decision I have made in quite a while. I was faced with completing a complex project in a short time period and was looking for a reliable consultant. I contracted with a brilliant biostatistician and his team who not only completed my project before my deadline but also enhanced my analysis with their insights. Kolabtree is now an indispensable part of my business development and project implementation team.

Robert Goldberg
Co-founder of The Center for Medicine in
the Public Interest, New York, USA

"Exceptional quality of work"

We used Kolabtree as a fast and easy way to get in touch with medical and science experts for various consulting projects. The quality of experts available was excellent and we have typically found selection, bidding and hiring to be effortless. All of the consulting projects that we placed through the platform were successful and the quality of work was exceptional. We will continue to use Kolabtree for locating and hiring technical experts for consulting projects.

Alex Lucio
Executive Vice President, 3B Medical,
Inc. Florida, USA
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How to Hire a Freelance Medical Writer

The increased demand for effective communication has brought a lot of focus to medical writing. These highly specialized writers work closely with researchers, subject matter experts and industry leaders to produce different types of documents.

Freelance medical writing has grown substantially in the latest years, offering a promising niche for those looking for flexibility. Medical writing is usually required by pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, contract research organizations (CRO’s), educational institutions, medical communication companies, media and publishing companies and health-related websites. The combination of research and science, together with excellent written communication are essential characteristics for medical writers. 

If you are looking for tips on how to hire medical writers, this is the right place for you.

What Does a Medical Content Writer Do?

The areas covered by a medical content writer typically include:

  • Regulatory writing for medical devices and pharmaceutical industry
  • Research related scientific reports and documents
  • Drug or disease-related protocols and documents
  • Scientific publications in the medical field
  • Copywriting for healthcare and science-related topics (websites, blogs, magazines)
  • Medical journalism and medical education

A medical writer typically has a bachelor or a Master’s degree in life sciences, a passion for medical communications and knowledge of medical and scientific terminology. Specific knowledge of regulatory guidelines, health policies, drug development and safety, technical guidelines, statistics, language and grammar, literature searching and ethical issues are the most important skills for successful writing in the medical field. The target audience for the medical writer can be the general public, patient groups, medical researchers, medical editors, politicians and policy makers. Medical writers often have certifications from organizations such as the American Medical Writers Association or the European Medical Writers Association. Not all medical writers work on scientific or technical documents: medical content writers typically work on healthcare communications and campaigns, SEO content for blogs, and other marketing material.

Why Hire a Freelance Medical Writer Online?

Experts in medical writing can make a difference in the process of drug development, getting scientific publications accepted, successfully receiving funding, preparing materials for medical education and much more. Regulatory medical writers can help with submitting FDA applications or preparing a medical device for EU MDR.   When looking for freelance medical writers, you can choose those who are experts or have a good understanding of your particular topic. 

Producing high quality medical communications can be challenging and time-consuming for the less experienced. A freelance writer can provide the most effective solution for your communication requirements in the field of research, science, academia, policy and regulation.

If you have a tight deadline, freelance platforms give you the option to choose experts who are available to deliver your project within a short time frame. What's more, you can hire the best talent from anywhere in the world, as a lot of medical writing work can be done remotely. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Medical Writer?

When hiring an expert in medical writing, the hourly price starts at 40 USD, depending on the type of project. For bigger assignments and long-term collaborations, a fixed rate price can be beneficial for both parts. A medical content writer typically charges USD 40-60 per hour, whereas a regulatory writer may charge upwards of USD 80 per hour for complex, technical projects. 

A scientific article (ready for submission) usually costs about 600 USD and above. In general, the price for a freelance writing project can vary depending on the writer’s location, experience and academic degree.

How to Write an Effective Job Post to Hire a Medical Writer

For better results with your job posting, we recommend the following topics to be included:

  • Project description or scope of work: it is very important to clearly communicate the scope of the project, its field and objectives. The more information the better, as this enables the freelancer to quickly identify the requirements. If the project is broken into milestones, the amount of rounds of corrections should be included.
  • Duration of the project: state the time frame expected for the final product.
  • By when you need to hire: define your expectations in terms of time to find the right freelancer.
  • Budget: how much you are willing to pay per hour or per project. 
  • Skills required: add the qualities that you expect in a freelancer.

When hiring a writer, make sure that you communicate your needs and expectations from the beginning, in order to assure a pleasant collaboration. It is always a good idea to ask for examples, so you can have an idea on the freelancer’s level of experience, skills, tone and style.

The growth observed in medical writing in recent years has led to an increase in the number of professionals offering freelance services. Online platforms allow for cost-effective, specialized solutions for projects that require experts and a quick turnaround is often possible. 

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