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Clinical Research Consulting

Top Freelance Clinical Research Consultants for Hire

Hire trusted clinical research consultants to design your study, and analyze and interpret results. Post your project for free.

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Featured Freelance Clinical Research Consultants
Paul Brown - PhD Medicine - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Paul Brown
PhD, Medicine
University of Alberta, Canada
United States | USD 100 per hour
Kerstin Leuther - PhD - Biochemistry - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Kerstin Leuther
PhD, Biochemistry
The University of Texas, Dallas
United States
paolo eusebi freelance meta analysis expert for hire
Paolo Eusebi
PhD, Mathematics & Statistics
University of Perugia
Italy | USD 50 per hour
richard david hayward psychology freelance expert
Richard David Hayward
PhD, Social Psychology
University of Nevada Reno
United States | USD 90 per hour
amy brenner data management freelancer for hire
Amy Brenner
MSc, Epidemiology
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
United Kingdom | USD 50 per hour
macarena beigier bompadre infectious diseases consultant for hire
Macarena Beigier-Bompadre
PhD, Biology
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Germany | USD 50 per hour
Clinical research services: Study design, analysis and writing support
  • Consult an expert for help at every phase of the clinical development process, including clinical trial design, research methodology, statistical analysis and medical writing.
  • Our global pool of highly specialized experts combine deep expertise in pharmaceutical product R&D with analytical skills to help you make informed decisions.
  • Mitigate risk by hiring experts who can help you develop a robust regulatory strategy and provide compliance support.
  • Get help with clinical data management, protocol design and clinical case report writing. Find freelancers within 24 hours.
  • Access expertise, on-demand, to use a flexible approach to building multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Consult biostatisticians who can help you optimize study design and arrive at reliable results.
  • The scope of the service can be fully customized and tailored to your specific requirements.

Flexible, easy payments. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Confidentiality assured.

Pay per project

Pay a fixed rate per project. Set up milestones to pay against for complex projects. Increase the budget and scope at any time.

Pay by the hour

Not sure how long your project will take? Pay an hourly rate, with the flexibility to increase the number of hours as you go along.

Pay when you're satisfied

Your money is held safely in escrow and the freelancer is paid only once you’re satisfied with the work done and ready to release funds.

Safe and secure

Our T&C include a default confidentiality clause. However, you can easily upload and sign custom agreements with freelancers.

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    Describe your project, and select the service you need.
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  • 03
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  • Job done!
    Verify the project is complete to your satisfaction and release the payment to the expert.
Success Stories

Design a clinical trial

A California-based breast cancer surgeon hired an India-based biostatistician to design a clinical trial.

Cost: USD 1575 | Time Taken: 2 Weeks

Design a statistical study

A medical volunteer hired a freelance researcher for help measuring the impact of an HIV awareness initiative in Uganda.

Cost: USD 800 | Time Taken: 1 Month

Help with medical device innovation

The founder of a US-based medical device company hired a scientific writer to provide supporting research for the launch of a new product.

Cost: USD 2750 | Time Taken: 20 Days

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