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M.S., Community and Regional Planning (Spec: Economic Development)

My academic background is steeped in research methodology and quantitative research, including Ph.D. level statistical coursework and sampling ...

Summary :
in research methodology and quantitative research, including Ph.D. level statistical coursework and sampling

In this capacity, I was instrumental in developing innovative sampling approaches for multi-disciplinary

research projects - including transportation demand surveys (households), on-board surveys, multi-cultural

geo-demographic analysis using GIS, and contingent valuation studies, including conjoint and stated preference surveys

Title :
Residential Electricity Burden: An Investigation of American Community Survey Data (2006-2008)

Subject area :
Surveying & Surveyors

MEc - Economics

Statistician and Data Scientist - Extensive experience in statistical work in academia, industry and government. Expertise in experimental des...

Summary :
Expertise in experimental design and survey design, sampling theory, applied statistical analysis, statistical

Title :
Some useful moment results in sampling problems

Importance sampling for Bayesian sensitivity analysis

United States

I conduct quantitative and qualitative research on the social determinants of health and health disparities, with specific expertise in stress ...

Summary :
My work includes the use of large, national survey data; administrative data (Census, Medicare); and

Work experience :
University of Michigan, Survey Research Center


I’m a marine biologist with a strong background in deep-sea ecology, systematics and conservation. My expertise spans detailed morphological id...

Title :
Biodiversity of an unknown Antarctic Sea: assessing isopod richness and abundance in the first benthic survey

Southern Ocean deep‐sea biodiversity, sampling and predicting responses to climate change

Journal :
Biological Sampling in the Deep Sea

Education :
British Antarctic Survey

Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours Psychology)

Emily has a BPsych (First Class Hons) and is currently completing a PhD in psychiatric epidemiology. She has worked as a Research Officer at th...

Summary :
in early intervention and prevention and has strong skills in writing literature reviews, designing surveys

Title :
Cognitive and clinical indicators of employment assistance needs from a national survey of individuals

disorders and co-morbid substance abuse on vocational rehabilitation: Results from an Australian national survey

PhD in Ecology

I study endangered species in multiple-use landscapes to develop conservation strategies for sustainable development and resource management, i...

Summary :
technical skills include: ★ Design and implementation of field studies in remote areas using camera-trap surveys

I also use occupancy, mark-recapture, distance sampling, resource selection functions and corridor modeling


Over the last years, I have been dealing with projects on developing new technologies for early-warning and online water quality monitoring. Th...

Summary :
These technologies included pre-treatment of water samples using Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) along with

Title :
Overview of commercially available bioassays for assessing chemical toxicity in aqueous samples

United Kingdom

I hold a PhD in Physical Sciences, with 6+ years of experience data mining, analysis, visualisation, and interpretation. I have also contribute...

Summary :
My research focuses on designing and performing experiments, analysing samples, inputting data into models

Title :
Robotic traverse and sample return strategies for a lunar farside mission to the Schrödinger basin


My work primarily focused on identifying transcription factors regulating Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD1) gene which included HNF-1 family of ...

Summary :
confounding, probability and diagnostic tests, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, power and sample

size determinations, life tables and survival methods, regression methods (both, linear and logistic), sample

survey techniques, and software analysis using STATA.

United Kingdom

An innovative, analytical, adaptable scientist with experience of implementing research projects on field of infectious diseases and molecular ...

Summary :
implementing research projects on field of infectious diseases and molecular analysis of biological samples