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University of Iowa
United States

Dr. Raeesa Gupte is an accomplished neuroscientist and passionate science communicator with over 10 years of research experience in numerous ne...

Maastricht University

I have a bachelor's degree in molecular biology and genetics and a master's degree in cognitive and clinical neuroscience. My theoretic...

Sharif University of Technology

I am a multidisciplinary engineer, You can talk to me about your challenging engineering and scientific projects.

University of Miami
United States

I am a senior postdoctoral researcher in the area of neuroscience, genomics and bioinformatics. I currently focus on applying single-cell genom...

Indian Institute of Science

I am an independent consultant working on projects related to deep learning for computer vision, machine learning, and geometry processing. I h...

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

The objective of my Ph.D. research was the development of multi-target drugs acting on the inflammatory pathway. It involved investigations int...

University of Massachusetts Amherst
United States

Enthusiastic, interdisciplinary, Ph.D. materials scientist and chemist with 6+ years of experience in organic and inorganic materials design an...

Australian National University
New Zealand

I am a geologist with writing, design, data analysis and mapping skills. As an exploration geologist I have been involved in writing annual rep...

Weizmann Institute of Science

https://www.lapid.pro I am a professional academic writer, editor and consultant in various fields of biomedical / biological research. - How...

University of New South Wales, Australia

I have 12 years work experience as a research scientist in the fields of materials for renewable energy. I also have 5 years work experience as...