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Request advanced services, including data science, literature search, editing, scientific writing, and statistical review. Kolabtree's experts are on hand to help.

A practitioner from data science and analytics background, having strong experience in business analytics, market research and statistical programming.
USD25 per hour
Ivy Professional School

A Data Science professional, having 4+ years of corporate as well as training experience. Interested in Data Science, Big data analytics and St...

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal
United States

Being a computational biologist and having a pharmaceutical background, I am pursuing my research at the interface of microbiome and pharmaceut...

Institute of Chemical Technology

I am a researcher who enjoys being challenged in developing new products, technologies and methods. Throughout my career I made it a point to a...

Erasmus University Rotterdam logo Erasmus University Rotterdam
United Kingdom

Optimistic, diligent, assertive and self-motivated Research Scientist with 6+ years of experience in Biomedical Sciences (specialization in For...

University of Brighton
United States

My research work started at the Genome Institute in St. Louis, Missouri (2010-2011), where I worked on completing whole-chromosome sequencing f...

University of Groningen

As part of my master and PhD projects I have been working in understanding the genetic causes of immune-mediated diseases, with special emphasi...

Pharmerging markets and politics | Speaker | Digital Health
USD60 per hour
Maastricht University

I am a health policy and market access professional with a background in public health & health economics with experience in both consu...

University of Alabama at Birmingham
United States

I am an immunologist with extensive experience using data analytics and computational biology. I earned my PhD at the University of Alabama at...

Doon University

• Exposure to field based research related to biodiversity and allied fields with focus on livelihood and climate change. • Strong academic rec...

Chemical engineer with 5 years experience in FMCG industry and 7+ years experience in the microbial fuel cell research area
USD17 per hour
University of Cape Town
South Africa

I am a self-motivated and effective researcher working in the novel multi-disciplinary domain of plant microbial fuel cells. I am currently pur...

Emory University
United States

I am a highly motivated researcher with 10+ years experience. I can help you with: - Academic Writing - Writing for general audiences ...

Rhodes University
South Africa

I am a synthetic organic chemist with experience in drug design and synthesis, medicinal chemistry, medicinal plants, green chemistry, biocatal...

Australian National University

Angella's objective is to inform Africa region and global policy development, by offering viable policy alternatives to address Africa’s a...

United Arab Emirates

I have total 8+ years experience in the IT and IT Consulting field. I have prominently worked in the Datawarehousing and BI field. I worked on ...

Senior Software Engineer at Stream Systems Ltd.
USD30 per hour
George Mason University

I'm a professional software developer, a part-time researcher in machine learning, computational geometry, and software engineering. I'...

Research Assistant
USD30 per hour
China Medical University

I studied my Bachelor’s and Master's degree in Health Services Administration. I have been working as a research assistant on several proje...

Biological Chemistry Researcher with a passion for Science Communication and Writing.
USD10 per hour
Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology
United States

I am an accomplished and enthusiastic biological chemistry researcher with experience in biochemistry, cell biology, structural biology and sci...

Looking for quality scientific and medical writing/editing? Look no further! Expertise: Cardiology, Oncology, Molecular Biology.
USD100 per hour
Northeast Ohio Medical and Pharmacy University

I’m a PhD in Biochemistry and worked in biomedical research for the past 15 years. I have extensive experience in clinical research, scientific...

University of Oxford

Research experience in T cell biology and CAR T cells. Solid knowledge of general immunology and cancer immunotherapy through teaching biochemi...

NIT Warangal

A passionate software artist with ideas of what it takes to build a world class software. I have been painting the world around me with Java, J...

University of Manitoba

I am a Molecular biologist and biochemist expert with 11+ years of research experience in cardiovascular and storage disorder that results in 1...

University College Dublin

Neuroscience, peripheral nerves, sensory neuroscience, electrophysiology, confocal microscopy, image analysis, statistics, cell culture

Consultant at TGA Scientific Consulting
USD75 per hour
University of California-Los Angeles
United States

My primary research focus is in the design and synthesis of applied nano-materials. I have extensive experience in the development of materials...

Universidade de Sao Paulo Campus da Capital
United Kingdom

Paromita Majumder earned her PhD in 2007 studying the role of purinergic receptors P2X2 and P2X4 during neuronal differentiation of P19 embryon...

Hannover Medical School

I'm a medical writer with 10 years of experience in basic sceince but also medical and clinical research. My main focus lies on revising sc...