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University of Manchester
United Kingdom

I have an interest in a broad range of biological research, with specialist knowledge of entomology, plant sciences, genetics, and microbiology...

Process Engineer at Ethicon, Inc.
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
United States

Agile industrial engineer with five years of experience in medical devices manufacturing. Strong capabilities for risk management, continuous i...

Universite Grenoble Alpes

A nanotechnologist with two years of scientific experience in materials science, physical chemistry, and electrochemistry. Current freelancing ...

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
United States

I am from Istanbul, Turkey, and I am a candidate of Bachelor of Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), double majoring in Comp...

University of Illinois at Chicago
United States

As a dedicated healthy lifestyle consultant, my mission is to make healthy living approachable, sustainable, and, above all, enjoyable for ordi...

University of California Santa Barbara
United States

Motivated, organized and self-directed professional with over eight years of knowledge and experience in science and nonprofit sectors, includi...

Banasthali Vidyapith Faculty of Life Sciences

I am a pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience. I work with zebra finches and I am trying to look at the role of delta opioid receptors (DORs) in vocal ...

Queensland University of Technology

For the past ten years, I have worked in the biotechnology industry performing a wide range of duties that include production, quality assuranc...

University of South Florida
United States

I am currently doing research for my PhD in Civil Engineering at University of South Florida. During my Civil Engineering undergraduate degree,...


I am a materials scientist. I earned my masters and the doctorate degree in materials science and engineering from the Indian Institute of Scie...

Texas A&M University, DVM Candidate- Class of 2021
USD35 per hour
Texas A&M University
United States

I am pursing my doctorate in veterinary medicine at Texas A&M and am halfway through the curriculum. My special interests include neuro...

Researcher at Cochrane
USD70 per hour
University of Freiburg

I am an expert in Evidence based medicine (EbM) and have prepared and published various systematic reviews. Within the scope of my work, I can ...

Freelance Medical Writer | MPharm | Compelling Content for Pharma-Biotech-Healthcare sectors
USD40 per hour
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Saurashtra University - Rajkot, India.

I am a freelance medical writer and I create quality medical content for Pharma and healthcare industries. A Master’s degree in Pharmacy and a ...

University of Toronto

Experienced manuscript writer and editor, grant and proposal writer, creator of presentations (slide decks for talks and posters). Produced 5 s...

University of Sussex, UK

I have completed my Master’s degree in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology from University of Sussex, United Kingdom, focusing on D...

Engineer with 6 years of experience in design consulting. The science is my greatest love and mathematics is one of my favourite languages.
USD20 per hour
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

I am a chemical engineer with a masters degree in mathematical modeling and simulation of petrochemical process. I have a double major in chemi...

Bioinformatics | Doctor of Philosophy | NGS | Machine Learning | Data Scientist
USD60 per hour
Iowa State University
United States

• Bioinformatics doctoral training with a strong background in programming and machine learning, an excellent presenter and published author •...

Environmental Scientist I Consultant and Statistical data analyst | Proficient in using R, STATISTICA and ArcGIS
USD35 per hour
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California - Campus Ensenada

I am pleased to provide professional assistance for: • Editing and proofreading of scientific articles and other written documents (English &a...

Nara Institute of Science and Technology

I am a graduate research scientist with more than 6 years of hands-on laboratory experience in Biological Sciences research with 3 first author...

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Faculty of Natural Sciences
United Kingdom

A highly motivated Edinburgh-based life sciences professional with a background in academic research (immunology and microbiology), clinical tr...

IIT Delhi, India

EXPERIENCE SUMMARY • IT Professional with 15 years of diverse experience. Previously worked in the roles of Test Manager and Software Developer...

AgroSup Dijon (formerly ENSBANA)

More than 25 years for various food industries (Seafood,Dairy, Fruits & vegetables, Baked products, Dry spices, Pulses & beans....

University of Leicester
United Kingdom

An experienced Scientist-Entrepreneur, A forward-thinking, proactive scientist who leads groundbreaking research on designing advanced material...

Computational Biologist, PhD
USD65 per hour
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

I am a computational biologist by training: equally fascinated by the potential of computers to solve problems and by the diversity and complex...

Minnesota State University Mankato
United States

I have 10 years of experience as a data analyst and have been studying mathematics most of my life. I have experience with statistical analysi...