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Request advanced services, including data science, literature search, editing, scientific writing, and statistical review. Kolabtree's experts are on hand to help.

Institute of Science and Technology - Austria
United States

I am a Condensed Matter Physicist by education, currently doing a PhD in Molecular Biology focus on the use of Optogenetics applied to the stud...

Universitatea Politehnica din Timişoara
United Kingdom
USD50 per hour
Mechanical Engineering and Research Consulting

Mechanics of Materials; Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics; Composite Materials; Numerical Methods in Solid Mechanics; www.anghelcernescu.com

UT Arlington
United States
USD35 per hour
Quantitative Research Expert | Data Analysis & Storage, Research Study Design, Writing/Editing/Literature Review, Mo...

My specialty is quantitative analysis and study design. Additionaly, as a former PI and independent consultant, my skillset spans the entire li...

North Carolina State University
United States

Research Interests: - Bioinformatics and Data Analysis of genomics, - Computational Biology using System Biology approach, - Computational mode...

La Trobe University
USD50 per hour
Human rights Anthropologist

Johanna has more than 7 years of experience conducting qualitative research in the fields of anthropology, human rights, child soldiers and wom...

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
USD66 per hour
Researcher & Statistitian | PhD in engineering

I am a researcher who works primarily in the renewable energy sector. My clients usually hire me for three key functions 1. At the initial st...

Queensland University of Technology
USD80 per hour

For the past ten years, I have worked in the biotechnology industry performing a wide range of duties that include production, quality assuranc...

Boston University
USD85 per hour
Medical writer/consultant

Loren DeVito, PhD, is a science and medical writer with expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, neurology, card...

Georgia Institute of Technology
United States

Quantitative analyst/data scientist with experience in fixed income, equity options, and machine learning. Experience with C#, C++ (managed and...

University of New Mexico
United States
USD40 per hour

I received my PhD in Biomedical Science from the University of New Mexico in December of 2007. My studies focused on the cell biology and immu...

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
United States

I am deeply interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms in place regulating different stages of animal development. During my PhD I fo...

La Trobe University - Bundoora Campus
USD15 per hour
Online chemistry Instructor and Scientific writer

I copy edit chemistry manuscript for publication and address comments. Check and edit references to ensure that the used references are relevan...

Lunds Universitet Tekniska Högskola
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
USD100 per hour
Associate Professor at Beni-Suef University

My research interests are about : biotechnology; enzymology; protein engineering; structural bioinformatics; enzymes; hydroases; cellulase; ch...

University of South Florida
United States
USD90 per hour
Behavioral Scientist

Dynamic behavioral scientist with diverse research and evaluation background. Experienced educator passionate about translating complex concept...

University of Birmingham
United States
USD30 per hour

PhD level Biologist. Science writer and editor. Medical communicator. Educator.

Indian Insitute of Technology Madras
USD20 per hour
Freelance Mechanical Engineering Researcher & Data Analyst

Freelance Mechanical Engineering Researcher & Data Analyst | Expert in SQL & Tableau Welding Researcher with 2+ years of experi...

Stavropol State Medical University
USD35 per hour

Hello. My name is Dr. Albert Bolatchiev. I am a monster of medical and pharmaceutical science. Why? Firstly, I am a doctor - physician - with ...

Instituto de Biotecnologia, UNAM
USD19 per hour
Biochemist and biologist specialized in high tech development

I am a biochemist and biologist specialized in high tech development. I have applied my knowledge for food and cosmetic shelf-life tests also ...

University of Alicante
USD50 per hour

I am a highly motivated researcher with more than 15 years of research experience in both academia and industry. Graduated in Chemistry, PhD in...

University of California Los Angeles
United States

My thesis work focused on understanding the mechanism of chronic allograft rejection. Transplant recipients development anti-HLA antibodies and...

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
USD14 per hour
Freelance Research, Analysis, Editing, and Writing Services | PhD in Marketing

I have been a professor of marketing in academia for several years, and a marketing professional in the industry for many years. I have a PhD (...

Universidad De Santiago de Compostela
USD35 per hour
Freelance AI, Computer Vision, NLP and Neuroscience expert

Research in university, software developer in my first job, project manager in the next job promoting to manager, director in a municipality, m...

Khon Kaen University
USD20 per hour
Scientific editing, manuscript writing support, and journal guidance

"To help someone success in publication together"

Aix marseille university
USD75 per hour
Scientist in Integrative Biology | Harvard Medical School | Brigham and Women's Hospital

10+ years of expertise in biology and biophysics, I am currently a researcher at Harvard medical school with an expertise in : -problem solvin...

Panjab University
USD40 per hour
Assistant Professor at NIPER-Ahmedabad

As a researcher I started my carrier in Jan 2008, and my research interest is to study the role of microglia in neurodegeneration induced via c...