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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Nutritional Sciences
United States
USD225.0 per hour
Dietary Supplement and Personal Care formulation, concept design, and product development

My expertise includes international and US product development in dietary supplements, personal care products and essential oils. My passions i...

Ph.D. student
United States
USD180.0 per hour
Technical innovator - Medical Device Executive - Product development expert

R&D executive with a Masters in Plastics Engineering and 20 years of experience in the medical device industry; worked in both large-ca...

Doctor of Philosophy
United States
USD150.0 per hour
A Food Scientist with Extensive Experience on Emulsions, Colloids, Microencapsulation Systems for Food & Beverage Sy...

A Food Scientist with Rich Experience on Research, Formulation and Development of: - Emulsion products - Sauces, Salad Dressings, Spread, Coffe...

Master of Biotechnology - Food Science and Technology
USD100.0 per hour
Division Head - Food, Feed and Nutraceuticals at Molkem Chemicals | Freelance Consultant - Food Science & Labelling

I am a tertiary qualified food scientist with extensive experience in product application - food emulsifiers and preservatives. After working i...

United States
USD125.0 per hour
Mechancial Engineer - Product Development - Machine Design - Industrial Automation - BSME-MS-MBA-PE

Mechanical engineer with proven abilities to develop innovative, cost-effective, high-impact solutions. Outside-the-box thinker with diverse i...

B.S. in Food Science & Technology, summa cum laude
United States
USD45.0 per hour
Food Product Development & Research Scientist | New Product Development, Cost Reduction, & Problem Resolution

Experienced food scientist with expertise in stabilizers and flavors; new product development; creative cost-reduction strategies; research rel...

United States
USD55.0 per hour
Somatosensory neurobiologist with start-up R&D experience in medical cannabis and skin care

I am a scientist and start-up enthusiast with a passion for translating research. My communication skills have allowed me to add value to organ...

Venture Programme - Kemmy Business school, Business Start-Up
USD150.0 per hour
Clean food science & technology to nourish the world sustainably. Food entrepreneur & consultant. Global Project...

I am an experienced food scientist & technologist who understands strategy, business and innovation. Expert and innovator in food, I am...

Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences
United States
USD90.0 per hour

Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical/Food Formulation Scientist with 20+ years of experience developing soft chews, tablet and capsule products, chewab...

USD30.0 per hour
Product development scientist- providing pharmaceutical and neutraceutical products and solutions to clients

A PhD in Pharmaceutics, having diverse experience in global healthcare companies (pharma & neutraceutical). I have been a member of CFT...

Phd chemical engineering
USD50.0 per hour
i am professional chemical engineer having good experience in research also having 14 year experience in chemicals devel...

Organic Chemist & Cosmetic and paints Formulation I am Professional PhD. Chemist and Pharmacist with extensive experience in Natural ...

PhD in Pharmaceutics
USD0.0 per hour
Formulation scientist with expertise in developing pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products

I am a PhD in Pharmaceutics from ICT, Mumbai, India (erstwhile UDCT) with 16 years of experience in developing novel pharmaceutical, nutraceuti...

United States
USD300.0 per hour
Ph.D. in Immunology and postdoc in Cognitive Neuroscience. Supported the launch of new drugs and medical devices

I have a Ph.D. in Immunology. I studied the negative regulation of immune responses, particularly on the role of the ubiquitin-modifying enzyme...

United States
USD30.0 per hour
Freelance Scientific Writer and Editor | Expert in Scientific Research with 5+ years of experience

I am a Microbiologist by training who enjoys scouring scientific literature for new information and arranging it into clear and concise summari...

PhD in Biochemistry
USD50.0 per hour
Freelance Biochemist

10+ years combined experience in research and development from academics and industry. Hands-on experience in: --> Lateral f...

Master of Science - Cosmetic Science
United States
USD0.0 per hour
Cosmetic Chemist | Expert in cosmetic science | Research and Development Formulator with experience in personal care

I am a cosmetic chemist with extensive knowledge in the cosmetic science industry. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Maste...

Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering
USD95.0 per hour
Freelance project and product management expert

I offer services in project management, product management and usability. I have worked in the medical device and healthcare industry for a dec...

MS Nutrition Education
United States
USD150.0 per hour
Product Development - CPG I Independent Consultant I Co-Founder Shameless Pets

I am a Nutritionist and CPG Food Product Developer with a successful history of formulating, commercializing, and launching innovative Organic,...

Bachelor of Science
United States
USD35.0 per hour
Freelance Formulation Chemist; 5+ years of experience in Research & Development | Expert in skincare & color cos...

I graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. I have 5+ years of industry experience researching and dev...

USD25.0 per hour
A trustworthy tech management professional, faster work with in-depth researches & consultancy, creative and innovat...

Expertise in Technology Management, research, analysis, consultancy and product development

Master's in Engineering
USD40.0 per hour
Coder (Go; JS; R), Codify Space @ Quora Admin, STEM Researcher & Technical Writer

Award-winning research; Over a decade of copy and technical writing excellence; Expert software applications design and documentation

BS, BN, minor chemistry
United States
USD200.0 per hour
You Dream it, I bring to Life! 15+ Years -Product development, formulating, sourcing, manufacturing.

Multi industry included but not limited to: Cosmetics, Tobacco, Tobacco-free Alternative, Natural resources, Canna, Micro Nutrients, Health an...

Masters - Biomedical Engineering
United States
USD120.0 per hour
Biomedical Engineer with expertise in regulatory affairs and product development

Biomedical engineer with a background providing leadership in the areas of RA/QA, research and product development in the Biotechnology and Med...

Master of Science
USD65.0 per hour
Food scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, product developer | Specializing in dairy and protein foods

I am an experienced food scientist who has launched and sold food technology start-ups. My focus is on food texture especially in meat, dairy, ...

MSc in Food Innovation and Product Design
USD70.0 per hour
Food Product Developer | Culinologist | Labeling expert | Professional Cheese-maker

I'm a passionate Food Developer and Culinologist with ten years of experience in Culinary Arts, and an MSc in Food Innovation and Product D...

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