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PhD in Medicine. Epidemiology, Public and International Health line
USD50.0 per hour
Experienced science writer and scientific consultant with a solid background in health and biomedical research

***** COVID-19 pandemics: As a researcher and science writer experienced in epidemiology and infectious diseases, I have already worked in seve...

United Kingdom
USD180.0 per hour
Expert Respiratory Virologist including influenza , RSV, rhinovirus and coronavirus (including COVID-19)

In 2001, Dr. Rob Lambkin-Williams designed and implemented the first Human Viral Challenge Study to be conducted in Europe in the 21st century....

Introduction to Systematic Review & Meta-analysis
USD30.0 per hour
Academic Writing | Thesis Writing | Research Writing | SPSS | Proposal Writing | PowerPoint Presentations | CV Making |

A doctor by profession, a researcher by passion & a staunch believer in the practice of evidence based medicine and clinical research, ...

MS - Biomedical Engineering
USD20.0 per hour
Biomedical Engineer, CMU | Product Manager & Medical Writer | Expert in Clinical Research with 6+ years of experienc...

A passionate lifelong student of Biomedical sciences with a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), I have always been fascinate...

USD65.0 per hour
Bioengineer, Biostatistician, Epidemiologist, Research Analyst | SAS, R, SQL | Public Health, Agri-food, Biotech/Pharma

20+ years of international career in Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Hands-on experience with big-data analytics, statistics and...

United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour
Innovolo Ltd, We have a global team of experts – from chemists to engineers in all disciplines.

With the ability to collaborate on a project in real time means, that what used to take years can often be done in a matter of weeks – or even ...

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  • Biostatistician to confirm pandemic influenza risk factors
  • Literature review on COVID-19 pandemic
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How to hire a pandemic expert


Pandemics, which are large-scale regional or global outbreaks of a viral or bacterial pathogen, are posing an ever-greater threat to human populations as a result of growing global exports and travel and the lurking specter of antibiotic resistance. Further, reports have indicated that pathogens with pandemic potential are increasingly emerging at the animal-human interface, where viruses are jumping host from animals to humans. This is starkly exemplified by the 2019 outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and previous outbreaks of avian flu, Zika virus, Ebola, SARS, and MERS. The role of pandemic virologists and other experts is set to become ever more prominent as the COVID-19 crisis forces governments to re-evaluate their current strategies and budgetary allocations.

What does a pandemic expert do?

Pandemic research, surveillance, mitigation, and management is cross-disciplinary. It involves the expertise of various scientists and other professionals, including virologists, epidemiologists, medical professionals, disaster response experts, mathematicians, public health practitioners, engineers, and supply chain experts. In light of recent events, there are also coronavirus experts and, in particular, COVID-19 experts who have had to rapidly apply and augment their skillsets in response to the December 2019 outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pandemic experts can consult on various aspects depending on their skills and experience:

  • Developing and implementing public health strategies to reduce the risk of transmission and pandemic spread

  • Recommending the appropriate diagnostic tests and treatments for affected patients

  • Clinical management and treatment of patients with infectious disease

  • Sourcing and distribution of healthcare equipment, PPE, and essential consumer items 

  • Rapidly implementing diagnostic testing to monitor and curtail pandemic spread

  • Consulting on methods and strategies for contact tracing and case isolation

  • Developing mathematical models to predict pandemic spread and impact 

  • Participating in public education on symptoms and prevention measures

  • Researching how the pandemic is spread, what the risk factors are, and which treatments are most effective

  • Studying pathogen genomes to map the likely origin of the pandemic and subsequent superspreader events 

  • Developing and testing new/repurposed drugs and vaccines to fight the pandemic

  • Developing diagnostic kits to specifically detect the pandemic pathogen or other markers of disease

  • Formulating disinfecting agents to reduce the risk of disease transmission 

  • Disaster response to manage and mitigate the impact of pandemics at various levels in addition to that on the healthcare system

  • Repurposing of manufacturing plants for the design and production of essential medical equipment such as face shields, face masks, respirators, and ventilators to assist with the shortages faced during pandemics 

  • Online research and writing of pandemic-related content and reports, fact-checking, performing in-depth literature reviews, and formulating research grants 

  • Developing and managing public health surveillance programs to monitor and control the spread of known and emerging infectious diseases to prevent future pandemics, particularly in populations at risk of animal-to-human transmission

  • Researching the unique characteristics of pathogens responsible for pandemics 

Given their variety of specializations, pandemic experts are employed in a variety of sectors, including pharma, biotechnology, academia, government, health services, and research institutes. Most pandemic experts have an advanced degree such as a master’s, Ph.D. or M.D. in a relevant discipline.

How much does it cost to hire a freelance pandemic consultant?

To hire a freelance pandemic consultant, the fee can range from 40–200 USD per hour depending on the required skillset and the level of experience necessary. 

The hourly fee can be negotiated upfront based on the estimated number of project hours, or a flat fee (for projects of a defined scope) can be discussed. If you need short-term/temporary access to pandemic expert services, then hiring a freelance consultant on our platform is a convenient and cost-effective way to work with these professionals.

How do you write an effective job post to hire a freelance pandemic expert?

The best way to attract the top Kolabtree freelancers in this field is to make your project description informative. You will need to provide details on the following:

  • Skills required (e.g., pandemic virologist)

  • What the project area is (e.g., viral respiratory disease)

  • What the project entails (e.g., consulting on strategies to surveil and prevent animal-to-human transmission of viral respiratory diseases with pandemic potential)

  • What the deliverables are (be specific about what you need the outputs to be)

  • Duration of the project (provide an estimate of how many hours work you will need per week/by when you need the project to be completed)

  • By when you need to hire (having more leeway on this will give you more time to choose the best expert for your needs)

  • Your budget (per hour or fixed fee)

If you are unsure what exactly is required, providing as much detail as possible will allow the experts to still make an informed bid for your project and suggest the best routes forward. 

The Kolabtree platform makes it easier than ever before to rapidly connect with top pandemic consultants who can provide your project with the required expertise.

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