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clinical evaluation report writing experts

University of Maryland
United States
USD60 per hour
Research Scientist at Metabolic Technologies, Inc.

I’m an exercise physiology researcher with broad expertise ranging from applied human physiology to molecular biology mechanisms. I have experi...

University of Iowa
United States
USD75 per hour
Science and Medical Communications Specialist | Neurospsychiatry Expert | Creative Writer

I am a freelance science and medical writer catering to a diverse audience of scientists, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical and medical ...

Asia e University
Sri Lanka
USD50 per hour
Medical Writer and Editor

I am a medical doctor and a medical writer for the past 5 years. I have worked with many researchers, surgeons, dermatologists, nephrologists, ...

VIT University
USD45 per hour
Market research specialist with 10+ years of consulting experience in healthcare (medical devices, pharma, & biotech...

I'm a research consultant with over 10 years of consultancy experience in pharma management consulting industry. Skilled in supporting mark...

University of Dhaka
USD15 per hour
Medical professional with >5 years pharma background. A highly competent writer of medical and scientific topics.

Robust knowledge of disease and treatment, public health and pharmaceutical industry. Very detail oriented and a keen eye for scientific accura...

Maimonides Medical Center
USD80 per hour
Medical writer with 10+ years of experience in Systematic Reviews.

Having served as a Medical Writer, Editor, and Systematic Reviewer within the healthcare sector, I am accustomed to the rigors of fast-paced, h...

Center for image analysis
USD70 per hour
Data scientist, machine learning, R/Python

Trained as a biomedical engineer, I hold a Ph.D. in medical image processing and over 10 years of experience in preclinical R&D in the ...

The George Washington University
United States
USD155 per hour
Translational Scientist with 15+ years in IVD/MedDevice

A clinical operations professional specializing in the in vitro diagnostics and medical devices industries with a strong science and technology...

University of Roma TRE
USD15 per hour
A Molecular Biologist who loves to solve scientific puzzles.

I was born and raised in Italy where I completed my studies between University "La Sapienza" (B.S.) and University of Roma TRE (M.S.,...

Menofia University Faculty of Medicine
USD50 per hour
Medical Academic Research Support | References & Citations | Literature Search

A medical doctor with 4+ years of experience in clinical research. Through over 4 years of experience in academic research in medicine and bio...

Universitat Pompeu Fabra
USD60 per hour
Developer of NGS, nCounter and ddPCR protocols for mutation detection in solid and liquid biopsies from cancer patients

After obtaining two bachelor’s degree, one in biology and other in biochemistry (UIB, Balearic Islands), my interest in transcription started d...

University of Santo Tomas
USD30 per hour
Freelance Academic Writer & Data Entry Specialist | Academic & Scientific Writer with 3 years experience in rese...

I am a freelancer with a Bachelor Degree in European Studies from De La Salle University and I am currently earning a postgraduate degree in Me...

Lund University
PhD, Medical writer with 10+ years of experience in pre-clinical research, scientific communicator

Experienced science communicator specializing in scientific article, summary, abstract writing and scientific communications for audience with ...

The University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Romania, Bucharest
USD20 per hour
Medical writer with +10 years experience in veterinary medicine/research

I have +10 years experience in veterinary medicine, +5 years in medical research (cancer, microscopy, blood samples)

Secondary School of Bohicon (Benin) en Abomey-Calavi University (Benin)
PhD in Biochemistry and Toxicology, Control quality, Pesticides effets on human health. Food contamination by pesticides

I dedicate my scientific interest on the characterization of molds of genus Aspergillus and Aflatoxin determination in foodstuffs. Then I conti...

Guru Nanak Dev University
USD40 per hour
Ph.D. Organic Materials Chemistry | Postdoc from UOttawa & IISER Pune | Chemistry Research Scientist | Synthetic Che...

I hold a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and possess Canadian postdoc experience from University of Ottawa and another postdoc stint from IISER Pune...

Stavropol State Medical University, Stavropol Russia
USD20 per hour
Former Pharmacist, MD to be = Druggist+Clinician in progress

My creative thinking, Content writing and both Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic knowledge has been always source of real appreciation for me .

Universiteit Hasselt - Campus Diepenbeek
USD100 per hour
Freelance Statistician| Expert in Bayesian analysis, R & SAS programming, Shiny Apps Non-clinical statistics support...

Expert Biostatistician in diverse applications of Statistics, proficient R programmer and Shiny Apps developer, automated reporting with RMarkd...

Clarkson University and Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Bioethics, Schenectady, NY 12308, USA
USD30 per hour
Genetic counselor; PhD in Genetics; Expert in cancer genetics, cancer research and bioethics

Committed, determined and responsible molecular biologist with 10+ years of experience in cancer research and 5+ years of experience in clinic...

Washington State University
United States
USD50 per hour
Expert Medical and Scientific Writing

I'm a practicing veterinarian with research experience in multiple fields. I'm also an experienced writer. I combine the my skills and ...

Trident University International
United States
USD150 per hour
Cosmetic Chemist| Supplement Formulator| Food Scientist with 10+ years experience in cosmetic chemistry and nutrition

I'm a Licensed and Board-Certified Naturopathic Physician. I’ve graduated from the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medic...

Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education
USD10 per hour
A medical doctor, specialist in the field of Biochemistry and endocrinology| 3+ years of experience

Subject expert in Biochemistry including immunology, molecular biology and biostatistics. Research experience in Diabetes, metabolic syndrome a...

University College London
United Kingdom
Research scientist with a background in Genetics, Inflammation and Evolutionary Developmental Biology

I'm a researcher interested in how transformations at the genetic level translates to changes in functions at the protein, cellular and org...

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Pharmacist, Postdocoral researcher

Expert in natural products for healthy purposes, food chemistry and intrumental analysis. Enthusiastic professional with careful consideration ...

New Jersey Institute of Technology
United States
Scientist with 10+ years of experience in basic, pre-clinical, and clinical research

My basic research experience is in tissue engineering in the neural application. I have experience in both in vitro and in vivo experiment desi...