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Profile Details
USD 50 /hr
Hire Dr. James Drew
United Kingdom
USD 50 /hr

Neurobiologist with 5+ years experience in scientific writing and data analysis

Profile Summary
Subject Matter Expertise
Work Experience

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

September 2019 - Present

Science policy writer

Academy of Medical Sciences

March 2018 - June 2018

Educational content creator


June 2013 - February 2014


4-year Clinical Neurosciences PhD (Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology)

University College London

October 2014 - Present

PhD in Clinical Neuroscience

University College London

September 2014 - January 2019

Natural Sciences BA


September 2010 - June 2013

  • Certification details not provided.
James Drew, Laura M. Machesky (2021). The liver metastatic niche: modelling the extracellular matrix in metastasis . Disease Models & Mechanisms.
B Lucendo-Villarin, J Meseguer-Ripolles, J Drew, L Fischer, E Ma, O Flint, K J Simpson, L M Machesky, J C Mountford, D C Hay (2020). Development of a cost-effective automated platform to produce human liver spheroids for basic and applied research . Biofabrication.
James Drew, Davor Ivankovic, Flavie Lesept, Ian J. White, Guillermo López Doménech, Sharon A. Tooze, Josef T. Kittler(2020). Axonal autophagosome maturation defect through failure of ATG9A sorting underpins pathology in AP-4 deficiency syndrome . Autophagy. 16. (3). p. 391--407. Informa {UK} Limited
James Drew, Christian Covill‐Cooke, Viktoriya S Toncheva, Nicol Birsa, Guillermo López‐Doménech, Josef T Kittler(2020). Peroxisomal fission is modulated by the mitochondrial Rho‐GTPases, Miro1 and Miro2 . EMBO reports. 21. (2). {EMBO}
James Drew, Swati Gupta, Narges Bazargani, Souvik Modi, Hélène Marie, David Attwell, Josef T. Kittler(2020). The non-adrenergic imidazoline-1 receptor protein Nischarin is a key regulator of astrocyte glutamate uptake . Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
James Drew, I. Lorena Arancibia-Carcamo, Renaud Jolivet, Guillermo Lopez-Domenech, David Attwell, Josef T. Kittler(2020). Control of microglial dynamics by Arp2/3 and the autism and schizophrenia-associated protein Cyfip1 . Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory