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Profile Details
USD 100 /hr
Hire Dr. Harshan Nampoori
USD 100 /hr

R&D | Materials | Sensors | Optics | Devices | Process Engineering | Mobile Apps | Game

Profile Summary
Subject Matter Expertise
Consulting Technical consulting, Idea discussion, Market research, Marketing & communication, Feasibility study
Product development Product feedback, Product design, Validation/verification, Feasibility study
Writing White paper, Grant proposal, Journal article, Review article, Blog article, News article, Marketing content, Educational content
Data science & analysis Simple data analysis, Complex data analysis, Statistical analysis, Data visualization, Data insights
Research Qualitative research, Internet research, Review article, Evidence-based answers, Secondary data compilation, Statistical review of research data, Literature search
Work Experience

Research Engineer

Epiphotonics Corp

June 2013 - Present



University of Alabama

- August 2012

  • Certification details not provided.
Kotru, V N Harshan and Sushma(2014). Photovoltaic and Ferroelectric Properties of Pb0.95La0.05Zr0.54Ti0.46O3 Thin Films under Dark and Illuminated Conditions. Ferroelectrics. 470. (01). p. 99--106.
Kotru, Sushma and Chen, Mengwei and Nampoori, Harshan V and Frazier, Rachel M(2012). Electrical and optical properties of ITO films grown at room temperature on glass substrates using pulsed electron deposition. Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials. 14. (1-2). p. 106--111. NATL INST OPTOELECTRONICS 1 ATOMISTILOR ST, PO BOX MG-5, BUCHAREST-MAGURELE 76900, ROMANIA
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Harshan Nampoori,Yuncong Jiang, Jaber Abu and Sushma Kotru(2012). Irradiance Dependent Equivalent Model for PLZT based Ferroelectric Photovoltaic Devices. International Review on Modelling and Simulations. 5. (1). p. 517--522. Praise Worthy Prize Inch.
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Kotru, Sushma and Frazier, Rachel M and Chen, Mengwei and Nampoori, Harshan V and Daly, Daniel T(2011). Feasibility studies of using PED deposited Sn-doped In 2 O 3 Films for Organic Electronic Devices. MRS Proceedings. 1327. p. mrss11--1327. Cambridge University Press
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