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Profile Details
USD 25 /hr
Hire Dr. ERGIN B.
USD 25 /hr

Freelance Scientific Editor/Writer/Reviewer | Molecular & cell biologist focused on Regenerative Medicine

Profile Summary
Subject Matter Expertise
Writing Technical Writing
Research Feasibility Study
Consulting Scientific and Technical Consulting
Work Experience

Post-doctoral Associate

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

April 2014 - February 2018

Post-doctoral Investigator

Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona

December 2012 - March 2014

Post-doctoral Associate

Yale University Stem Cell Center

January 2010 - December 2012

Visiting Assistant in Research

Yale University Stem Cell Center

September 2006 - December 2009

Visiting Laboratory Student

King's College London

June 2002 - September 2002

Visiting Scholar

Harvard School of Public Health

June 2001 - January 2002


Micro-MBA (The Rady School of Management)

University of California San Diego

June 2016 - August 2016

PhD (Cell Biology)

Duke University

September 2003 - December 2009

BS (Molecular Biology and Genetics)

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

September 1998 - July 2003

  • Certification details not provided.
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