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Profile Details
USD 100 /hr
Hire Dr. Bryan Thacker
United States
USD 100 /hr

Biomedical Scientist and Bioengineer

Profile Summary
Subject Matter Expertise
Scientific writing Grant proposal, Journal article, Regulatory documents, Clinical trial documents, Educational content
Data science & analysis Statistical analysis, Data visualization
Academic research Internet research, Evidence-based answers, Secondary data compilation, Literature search
Work Experience


TEGA Therapeutics Inc

October 2014 - Present


Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)

University of California San Diego

June 2008 - June 2014

M.S. Bioengineering (Bioengineering)

University of California San Diego

September 2006 - June 2008

B.A. Biochemistry (Biochemistry)

University of Arizona

August 1999 - May 2006

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

University of Arizona

August 1999 - May 2006

  • Certification details not provided.
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