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Profile Details
Hire Dr. Andrew C. Halley
United States

Freelance Data Analyst / Writer / Editor | 14 years Biological Research Experience

Profile Summary
Subject Matter Expertise
Scientific writing Grant proposal, Journal article, Review article, Blog article, News article, Educational content
Data science & analysis Simple data analysis, Complex data analysis, Statistical analysis, Data visualization
Academic research Internet research, Evidence-based answers, Secondary data compilation, Literature search
Work Experience

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of California, Davis

July 2016 - Present


PhD (Anthropology)

University of California, Berkeley

August 2009 - June 2016

BS (Psychology (Neuroscience))

Pennsylvania State University

August 2003 - June 2008

  • Certification details not provided.
Andrew C Halley, Mary K L Baldwin, Dylan F Cooke, Mackenzie Englund, Leah Krubitzer(2020). OUP} accepted manuscript . Cerebral Cortex. Oxford University Press ({OUP})
Andrew C Halley, Leah Krubitzer(2019). Not all cortical expansions are the same: the coevolution of the neocortex and the dorsal thalamus in mammals . Current Opinion in Neurobiology. 56. p. 78--86. Elsevier {BV}
Andrew C. Halley(2017). Minimal variation in eutherian brain growth rates during fetal neurogenesis . Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 284. (1854). p. 20170219. The Royal Society
Andrew C. Halley(2016). Prenatal Brain-Body Allometry in Mammals . Brain, Behavior and Evolution. 88. (1). p. 14--24. S. Karger {AG}
Andrew C. Halley, Melanie Boretsky, David A. Puts, Mark Shriver(2015). Self-Reported Sexual Behavioral Interests and Polymorphisms in the Dopamine Receptor D4 ({DRD}4) Exon {III} {VNTR} in Heterosexual Young Adults . Archives of Sexual Behavior. 45. (8). p. 2091--2100. Springer Nature