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University of Manchester
United Kingdom

Research interests: engineering crop immune system using beneficial microbes ( improving plant growth and tolerance towards pests and abiotic s...

University of Alberta

My primary research goals are directed towards understanding the fundamental properties of nanomaterial, the manufacturing of renewable polymer...

King's College London
United Kingdom

Nutrition Scientist and Epidemiologist. I specialise in preparation of scientific publications, both in peer-reviewed journals and for website...

United Kingdom

Micro and nanoscale device fabrication measurement & testing

Sheffield Hallam University
United Kingdom

I have developed my expertise in the field of PVD coatings, Tribology in coating and metal forming, microstructural evolution of Ti alloys, Ni ...

Universität Bayreuth

I currently reside in India and have worked in multi national academic environments in various distinctive international campuses and laborator...

Scuola Normale Superiore

Highly-motivated Physicist (MSc and PhD, both cum laude) with deep knowledge of optics and microscopy for life and material sciences and hands-...

La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia

Soil scientist/cropping systems specialist with more than 35 years experience in humid and semi-arid environments of the tropics and sub-tropic...

University of British Columbia

Multiple Sclerosis – Neuroscience – Toxicology – Cell Biology – Genetics – Drosophila – Glial Cells – Connective Tissue – Cell Adhesion B.Sc....

University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
United States

12 years experience in neuroscience and neurodegenerative research. My graduate and postdoc research have focused on understanding the mechani...