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University of California Berkeley
United States

I recently graduated with a PhD in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley, where I studied hosts and their associated microbial communities. I ha...

University of Guelph

I am a cereal scientist with an outstanding knowledge in cereal science and technology and hands on experience in wheat flour quality testing, ...

Federico Secondo University of Naples

Over the past seven years, working at several international top locations in both academic and commercial settings, I have gained extensive exp...

Vanderbilt University
United States

Highly adaptable social science researcher (Ph.D in Sociology, Vanderbilt University) with the ability to identify problems, produce research d...

University of California, Los Angeles
United States

I am a PhD student at UCLA specializing in high-dimensional statistics. My research focus is on mathematical aspects of machine learning method...

National University of Singapore

My research interest of very wide ranging. 1. First and foremost, my main responsibility in Kerry is to develop infant formula and similar pr...

Georgia Institute of Technology

A significant portion of my work involves continued learning in programming and machine learning, ranging from quantitative finance issues to n...

University of Notre Dame
United States

I am a passionate and creative practitioner of the science of learning - about improving lives through by understanding the dynamic interplay b...

Kansas State Uiversity
United States

Senior Level Scientist in Food & Drug Integrity and Safety, Content, and Chemistry

Temple University
United States

Research scientist with over nine years of experience in the research of hematologic malignancies, expertise in cell and molecular biology tech...