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University of South Carolina
United States

I am a chemical engineer and energy storage materials expert. I've worked in a small business technology commercialization setting for the ...

Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Nur Farhana Diyana Mohd Yunos is a Senior Lecturer of the School of Materials Engineering at Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), where she has...

University of Texas Medical Branch
United States

I am a highly motivated and prolific researcher in physical activity and exercise behavior. My technical background in Athletic Training and ex...

National Institute of Immunology
United States

I possess in-depth 9 years of research experience (including PhD) in molecular biology and virology.I graduated with Masters of Science in Biot...

Columbia University
United States

• Neuroscientist with over ten years of experience in studying neurodegenerative diseases • Science writer with a passion for promoting STEM e...

Leiden University Medical Center

During my education and research in Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, and my Ph.D project I discovered my passion for the little details in...

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

I'm a software engineer with an enthusiastic focus on Machine Learning and Data Science. My areas of expertise and interest include Python,...

University of Kalyani

I earned my PhD in Biophysics in 2014. To continue my scientific endeavor, I did postdoctoral studies for last 4 years. Presently, I joined as ...

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
United States

Motivated, self-driven entrepreneur, consultant to regulatory affairs and QC/writing departments within the medical, biotech and pharmaceutica...

American Public University Systems
United States

I am a Quality Assurance Specialist who has recently obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Health. As a Quality Assurance Specialist, I am respo...