Top 8 Medtech Innovators who are driving the healthcare revolution


The global pandemic posed the medical community, including medtech innovators and manufacturers, the greatest challenge it perhaps ever faced, but the response has been truly phenomenal. Evolutionary medicinal perspectives were tested, and frontline workers mobilised spectacularly to respond to the threat worldwide and fight back against the virus.

At Kolabtree, we’re grateful to continue playing a small part in the medical technology revolution that’s driving how medical device and biotech companies are approaching innovation, by connecting them with top notch experts, such as medical writers and product consultants, to help them get their products to market faster.

We’ve also keenly followed the medtech innovators and entrepreneurs across the globe who are helping healthcare providers provide cost-effective, innovative solutions for patients.

Here’s a short list (the first of many) of influential medtech innovators on LinkedIn

Joe Hage

The chairman of (the world’s largest online medical device community), Joe Hage describes himself as a connector and a life science liaison amongst manufacturers. With an MBA from Wharton, Joe also hosts frequent medical device conferences and speaks at global events on marketing medical devices.

As one of the leading medtech innovators, Joe provides several services, including marketing consulting, strategy and communications. This includes lead generation activities and insight for medical device companies, and has several successful stories on his CV such as and

He also engages in thought leadership activities through the Medical Devices Group community on LinkedIn, and, where patrons and clients can find discussions, events and webinars from influencers and domain leaders.

Read more on his LinkedIn here.

Amin Nikoozadeh

Based in Stanford, California, Amin is the founder and CEO of Vave Health, a company aiming to enhance doctor-patient experience through innovative technology. The company has also developed a state-of-the-art, ultraportable solution to deliver cost-effective imaging at the point of care, a breakthrough that aligns with their mission of making vital health technologies accessible to everyone.

A former research engineer at Stanford University, Amin describes himself as a tech leader aiming to invent tools that will make a difference in people’s lives. One of the leading medtech innovators, he is a firm believer in consumer-centric healthcare delivery and widely accessible, reasonably priced tools that are built on advanced tech and guarantee better outcomes. 

Read more on his LinkedIn here.

Christine Spraker

Based in Denver, Colarado, Christine Spraker is one of the most influential medtech innovators and the co-CEO of Eon, a health tech company that is revolutionizing how data is gathered, curated and shared amongst healthcare workers. With the emphasis being on ensuring that data reaches the right people, Eon provides solutions that use AI and ML to optimize treatment efficiency for conditions needing complex patient management. 

Previously part of successful ventures such as Medtronic and Matrix Analytics, Christine is a thought leader in the healthcare space, and dedicates her LinkedIn to talking about insightful topics such as health technology, early diagnosis and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Read more on her LinkedIn here.

Scott Herskovitz

Based in Ronkonhoma, New York, Scott Herskovitz is the president and CEO at Qosina, a medical device component supplier that helps companies order and receive medical device products quickly from a huge catalogue. He also sits on the board of directors at BPSA, helping them facilitate the development and manufacture of safe and sustainable single-use tech. 

Scott is one of the leading medtech innovators in the medical device community, and frequently shares inputs and insights on the medical device industry, its leading players and associated incubators. He also hosts frequent trade shows with Qosina, where he meets industry experts and clients to talk about the medical device industry.

Read more on his LinkedIn here.

Rebecca Seidel

Based in Wisconsin, Rebecca Seidel is the president of Cardiac Ablation solutions at Medtronic, a global healthcare tech giant that provides innovative solutions for problems plaguing human health. Rebecca is recognized by her peers as a  thought leader and domain expert in medical devices and business strategy, making her one of the most significant medtech innovators.

Read more on her LinkedIn here.

Larry Biscotti

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Larry Biscotti is the executive vice president of Elekta, where he handles a variety of roles including sales, operations and marketing. He is also an industry expert across a diverse range of specialized fields, such as radiation oncology, neurology and cardiology.

Larry is a leading influencer in medical spheres, and frequently shares and opines on cutting edge medical revolution and tech on his LinkedIn, including updates on how Elekta is solving distinct clinical problems with precision radiation therapy

Read more on his LinkedIn here.

Maulik Nanavaty

Based in LA, Maulik Nanavaty is SVP, President Nueromodulation at Boston Scientific, a leading healthcare company developing solutions for life threatening conditions. Maulik also undertook his PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, making him ideally placed to act as a domain expert and industry leader in medical sciences. 

As one of the leading medtech innovators, he frequently shares updates of how Boston scientific helps healthcare providers reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

Read more on his LinkedIn here.

Rob Sweitzer

Based in North Carolina, Rob Sweitzer is president at Suntech Medical, a leading supplier of clinical grade blood pressure monitoring products and technologies for more than 30 years. His comprehensive experience of driving knowledge growth in more than 80 countries makes him an outstanding industry leader and medtech innovator, with a proven track record of building and inspiring teams with innovation and strategy.

Read more on his LinkedIn here.

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