ホワイトペーパーの書き方 - 包括的なガイド


瀬古ユージン, an academic research writer and freelance scientist on Kolabtree, provides a step by step guide on how MedTech and バイオテック organizations can draft a  compelling white paper for their audience. 

を効果的に書くために ホワイトペーパー, one needs to first understand what a white paper is. A white paper is an intensely and deeply researched report on a specific topic, seeking to offer apt solutions to a stated problem affecting the medical technology or バイオテクノロジー industry. Usually, a white paper is written by an organization in the バイオテクノロジー または メドテック を、証拠と事実を用いて、理解、専門性、知識を証明することです。当初、白書は政府の正式な報告書を指す略語として採用され、文書の情報性と権威性を示していた。


バイオテクノロジーや医療技術に特化した企業。 作家陣 utilize the genre to present arguments concerning certain positions and propose solutions to given challenges, addressing audiences outside the organization or industry. Thus, the appropriate application of a Biotech or Medtech white paper should be to offer インフォメーション that aids in resolving challenges that are meaningful to the targeted audiences. The paper should justify the need to resolve the problem while objectively exploring the available alternative ways to solve the problem and reasonably lead the target audience to conclude that the organization has the expertise, tools, and knowledge needed to handle the challenge.

現在 ホワイトペーパー は、潜在的な顧客のほとんどがインターネット上で情報を求めていることから、特にオンラインでは標準的なマーケティングツールとしてバイオテクノロジーやメディカルテクノロジー企業で使用されています。しかし、バイオテクノロジーや医療技術産業の組織は、情報を販売したり、顧客のニーズを満たすことができるソリューションとして新しい製品を販売するために、白書を活用することが認められている。しかし、ホワイトペーパーは、企業の製品やサービスを推奨し、宣伝するために使用されるべきではありません。多くの人がホワイトペーパーを書くときに犯す大きな間違いは、自社の特定のソリューションや製品を宣伝するためにホワイトペーパーを使うことである。しかし、バイオテクノロジーや医療技術の白書は、終始教育的であり、宣伝的なトーンは一切使用しないようにしなければならない。ホワイトペーパーの目的は、特定された問題を解決するための最も適切なソリューションとして、特定の立場やソリューションを支持することにあるのが特徴です。バイオテクノロジーや医療技術産業において商業目的で使用される場合、白書は聴衆や顧客の意思決定プロセスに影響を与えることができる。とはいえ、ホワイトペーパーを書く際には、いくつかの点を考慮しなければならない。


を書くことです。 ホワイトペーパー, one needs to ensure that it is well-researched, presenting and contextualizing information that the target audience is unable to find using a simple internet search. The white paper has to simultaneously craft a persuasive narrative to keep the target audience’s attention all through. Biotech and Medtech whitepapers should be written to assist in the movement of various prospects through the sales funnels. However, this must be done through objective evaluation alongside informative content. Typically, the writing of white papers has been within the documentation and technical papers domains, and alternatively within the data sheets and sales brochure territories, all of which have negatively impacted the impact of the papers. Still, a more significant proportion of white papers have been written in a manner that fails to interest and engages the target audiences, leading to wasted investments and opportunities. Therefore, to attain such objectives of a white paper, it is recommended that one should research the immense wealth of white paper examples as this is always helpful; however, writing good Biotech or Medtech white paper characteristically boils down to specific set steps that one should follow.


When you write a white paper, make sure you have a proper title. The title is among the essential parts of a Biotech or Medtech white paper. The objective of writing any white paper entails the maximization of the number of individuals and prospects it targets. Meaningful and creative white paper titles drive readership, regardless of whether or not one promotes the white paper online, pitch it to various editors of trade magazines, or even distribute it at Biotech and MedTech conferences. To develop a good title for the Biotech/MedTech white paper, one should explore the 記事 titles of magazines to get ideas on how the white paper title should be written. The title should focus on the advantages and utilize words connoting an enjoyable and easy read instead of the drier textbook treatise. Thus, the title should additionally communicate the advantages of reading the white paper, regardless of what the reader believes is the best solution to the problem addressed. Self-serving titles often lack the desired appeal and are highly prone to get ignored due to their apparent sales slant. Further, the advantages listed in the titles should be made appealing to the target audiences, and in this case, the Biotech and MedTech professionals. Therefore, the title and content should be customized to the different stakeholders involved in evaluating the Biotech or MedTech product.


Additionally, one should identify the Biotech or Medtech problem that the white paper seeks to solve, define the topic and conduct in-depth research. Before commencing to write a white paper, it is recommended that one should first define the specific Biotech or Medtech topic he/she is writing about. Normally, the chosen topic is a novel product or a specific 事業 initiative. The topic choice is further substantiated with complex research arguments regarding the topic’s significance. Upon determining the best Biotech or Medtech topic, one should take some time to conduct in-depth research on it, given that knowing and understanding the facts on the topic will aid in crafting an increasingly salient and persuasive argument around it.




Moreover, to write the best Biotech or Medtech white paper, one has to take into account the aspects of readability and formatting. The format of the white paper should entail an organization of information that is not only clear but also legible. Headings and bullet points are recommended as this aids in the easy organization of information. Further, white papers, charts, graphs, and infographics are encouraged in Biotech and MedTech. This assists in the clarification of information even as one conveys points of immense visual interest to the audience. In this regard, research on templates and examples of white papers should be done to help decide the best way to format the white paper. Aspects such as the appropriate structure for a Biotech or Medtech white paper should also be considered. Though there is no recommended single and precise structure, the 一般 rule recommends that a white paper should have components that include a title page, an introduction; a research-heavy background; recommended solution; conclusion, and references. However, dissimilar to many academic papers, in white papers, the solution, which is the key argument, is placed at the end of the paper and after the presentation and 分析 of the information.



しかし、優れたホワイトペーパーは、読者の言語で書かれるべきものです。バイオテクノロジーのホワイトペーパーを読者の言葉で効果的に書くには、まず論文のターゲットとなる読者を特定する必要がある。このホワイトペーパーで説得を試みるのは誰なのか」、といった問いを立て、熟考する必要がある。そして、3つのターゲットに対して、3つのホワイトペーパーを書く。3つのホワイトペーパーは、内容は重複していても、タイトルや小見出し、言葉の選択、それぞれのターゲットオーディエンスのペインポイントに関連する特定のボディコピーなどは、それぞれ異なるものであるべきである。白書で取り上げるべきステークホルダーを特定するには、バイオテクノロジーや医療技術の営業担当者に話を聞くのがよいでしょう。 例えば、営業担当者に、異なるステークホルダー・グループに見られる主な反対意見、意思決定者であるステークホルダーに不足している情報、ソリューションの検討に関する本質的な不安、希望などを尋ねることができる。これらの情報をもとに、ホワイトペーパーの内容をカスタマイズし、各グループの代表者と会話をするように書いていく。




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