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Even with science writers entering the freelance domain, it’s not far fetched to say that the publishing industry is at a crossroads in terms of the increased adoption of technology in information and knowledge sharing. Content discovery and consumption has increased exponentially, even if the reduced attention spans result in high bounce rates from each article that is browsed and perused. 

This poses the ultimate challenge to publishers – understanding their audience to such an extent that they’re able to churn out not just a high volume of content, but also make sure the quality of content is good enough to engage their readers. 

Publishers frequently turn to highly qualified freelance science writers in order to augment their content supply, sourcing high quality content from subject matter experts from various domains and backgrounds. The huge influence social media has these days has also resulted in publishers scouting influencers on LinkedIn and other platforms, with a view to fostering collaborations that are mutually beneficial. 

With publishers making up a core demographic of Kolabtree’s client base, here’s a look at how our  help them tap into our extensive freelance network of science writers in order to source regular top-notch content


Vast pool of qualified science writers to build a content pipeline.

Kolabtree has a vast network of highly-qualified, independent science writers that have spent decades penning high-quality articles on scientific topics. This expert network also spans a wide range of knowledge spheres, right from cardiologists, neuro-therapists and biochemists, to stem cell and vaccine researchers. This sheer variety enables publishers to hire for multiple purposes, be it for strong technical articles or an experimental research post.

These writers come with extensive experience and technical know-how, having been regularly published in leading science journals and working on niche research topics. Whether it’s drafting a regulatory compliance document, pen a detailed blog article on the latest med-tech innovations or document clinical trial findings as a detailed study, Kolabtree houses a diverse range of experts highly qualified and experienced in myriad domains.

The research these science writers undertake on a regular basis, supplementing their freelance work, adds to the up-to-date knowledge they possess in their respective fields. This makes them capable of adding their independent input and insight into the projects they take up on Kolabtree, leading to a holistic collaborative effort between the publisher and the freelancer.

This provides publishers an opportunity to tap into this vast array of talent in order to build a talent pipeline of writers to source a steady stream of content from, and work in tandem with their in-house writers.

Direct access to independent science writers.

Kolabtree’s expert network operates independently, with our science writers turning to the platform in order to supplement their regular research with interesting projects that offer a high scope for real-life impact. 

The benefit that this offers publishers is the freedom to contact these science writers directly, eliminating the limited options and additional costs associated with navigating through agencies. This offers the chance to scout and traverse through hundreds of high quality writers, filtering them out based on various criteria such as expertise, budget and project duration. Extensive conversations with freelancers on the platform are encouraged, in order to make sure publishers have an easy time narrowing down on the right writer suited to their unique requirements. 

If publishers choose to post a project before vetting science writers of their choice, they typically receive bids from relevant writers within 6-24 hours. This offers them an additional chance to assess the experts on the platform before picking the right fit.  

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This is also reflected in the eventual hire, with Kolabtree’s science writers usually delivering on their projects with a high turnaround time. Kolabtree also offers a money-back guarantee in case clients are not satisfied with the output, which is a testament to the high quality of freelancers on the platform.

Time and Cost-effective.

Kolabtree’s freelancers are available to be hired on flexible contracts and durations. There is no minimum contract period necessary, eliminating the possibility of being locked into projects that need to be shelved right away. This empowers the publishers who hire, giving them the freedom to collaborate with experts on both short and long term projects. Publishers also have the freedom to collaborate with the same freelancer on recurring projects, or work with multiple freelancers on different projects with varying durations of time.

This also eliminates recruitment fees, middle-man payments and other agency-related add-on costs that are typically associated with hiring science writers from an agency roster. With no hidden costs, publishers simply talk to the freelancers they shortlist, hire the right fit and pay them accordingly. Kolabtree’s freelancers are available at reasonable rates, ranging from $40/hour to $150/hour depending on the scope and requirements of the project.

Kolabtree also provides complete payment security, making sure the client payments are held securely on the platform until the project is complete. After the final project output is verified and accepted by the hiring publisher, Kolabtree releases the payment to the freelance expert. Additionally, Kolabtree also provides a full payment refund guarantee in the event that the publishers have certain misgivings about the project and are not ready to approve or re-iterate with the expert.

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