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Statistical Analysis

Hire a freelance statistician

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Freelance Statisticians
Colin Gillespie - PhD in Statistics - Mathematics and Statistics - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Colin Gillespie
PhD, Statistics
University of Strathclyde
Stylianos Kampakis - BSc Mathematics and Statistics - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Stylianos Kampakis
PhD, Computer Science
University College London
Che Smith - PhD - Biostatistics - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Che Smith
PhD, Biostatistics
University of North Carolina
Allison Ottenbacher - PhD Epidemiology / MS Biostatistics - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Allison Ottenbacher
PhD, Epidemiology
University of Texas
Sergei Rodionov - PhD - Oceanography - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Sergei Rodionov
PhD, Oceanography
State Oceanographic Institute
Evan Freitag - M.S., Mathematical Sciences, Statistics - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Evan Freitag
MS, Mathematical Sciences, Statistics
Virginia Commonwealth University
Get a freelance statistician to do a statistical analysis of your data and interpret the results accurately
  • Choose from over 4000 freelance experts specialized in a wide range of disciplines from life sciences to data science
  • Get an expert to extract crucial information from complex data, draw inferences, and discover hidden patterns using appropriate statistical tools and methods.
  • Consult a specialist who can help design clinical trials, test hypotheses, double-check your parameters, eliminate errors and coincidences, and draw reliable conclusions.
  • The scope of the service can be fully customized and tailored to your specific requirements.
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Success Stories

Analyze the methodology and results of an error rate study conducted on policies

The CEO of an Insurance Company
An Experienced Statistician and Lecturer
United Kingdom

Design and draft the statistical section of a clinical trial protocol

A Breast Cancer Surgeon
A Clinical Trials Consultant
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Take decisions confidently, by getting a freelance statistician to analyze your data and make accurate inferences.