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Consult an SME on experiment designs and protocols

Get geographic or interdisciplinary perspectives on your research design

Understand predefined methods decreed to standardise research.

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Sample selection

A varied sample to arrive at an unbiased conclusion.

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Measurements and instruments

Tools and scientific instruments used to accomplish neutral results.

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Research problem

Identification and establishment of the problem to be solved.

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Hypothesis formulation

Starting point of investigation. A basis for reasoning.

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Variable definitions

Outline variables that will play key roles in the research.

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Looking to employ methods that will lead you to the most usable findings? Are constraints of time, subject matter expertise, research budget or resources holding you back? Whether you are looking for a fresh perspective or constrained by time, we can help you get specialist opinion. At Kolabtree, experts from a variety of backgrounds can lead you to the most appropriate research design for projects as diverse as assay optimization and product design.
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What is the scope of your services?

Expert freelancers are free to offer a broad range of services through Kolabtree. The power of Kolabtree’s platform is that you you have full flexibility in defining the type and scope of your service based on what you need, in collaboration with suitable experts. Kolabtree relies on finding experts who can help you meet your project goals, and not on force-fitting your project to pre-packaged services.

I'm not able to find the right freelancer for my project. Can you help?

Of course! Create a project and outline your requirements as clearly as possible. We will shortlist and invite the most relevant and suitable experts for the project. We are typically able to put you in touch with freelancers within 48 hours. If you require highly specialized or niche expertise, the Kolabtree team will also reach out to experts outside the Kolabtree platform.

How much does the service cost?

Creating a project and reaching out to suitable experts is free. Once you get into discussions with freelancer(s) you like, you will have the opportunity to finalize the expert’s fee based on the project scope and type of service. You can also get started with a limited project scope and fee. If you like the freelancer’s work, continue working with him or her by expanding the scope and increasing the fee along the way.

When do I have to pay for my project?

The process to get a project started is simple and free. Create a project, and freelancers will bid for it. You choose the expert that best suits your requirements and budget. You need to pay for the project only once you confirm and accept a freelancer's bid for your project and want work to begin. The funds you pay in will be held in your e-wallet, and paid out to the freelancer once you’ve confirmed that the work has been done to your satisfaction.